Why Did My TikTok Videos Suddenly Stop Getting Views? [2022]

Why are My Views on TikTok Suddenly Dropping

TikTok is one of the social media platforms that have gained more popularity among the youth quicker than other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Like any other social media platform, TikTok is about likes, followers, and views. But users might get frustrated if they don’t understand the algorithm of TikTok and … Read more

How To Use Or Remove The Rotoscope Filter On TikTok?

How to use or remove rotoscope filter on TikTok?

The TikTok app has a variety of filters for its users. Like any other filter, the new Rotoscope filter has become unique and popular among the creators. However, avoiding this filter is better if you are suffering from photosensitivity. In this article, We will guide you on how to use or remove the Rotoscope filter … Read more

How Do I Get Repost Button On TikTok?

How Do I Get Repost Button On TikTok

Haven’t you found your repost button on TikTok, or are you facing not showing the Repost Option on TikTok? Also, are you seeking how to get the repost button on tiktok? Therefore, we presented the right article for you to get your repost option on TikTok. However, You must update the TikTok app first to … Read more

How To Get Your TikTok Profile URL?

How To get your TikTok profile url?

TikTok has succeeded in becoming one of the biggest platforms worldwide. One can grow the TikTok account by adding a clickable link on other social media platforms. Likewise, Do you want to share your TikTok profile link on other platforms? But you do not know how to get the profile URL. Then, this article is … Read more

What Is A TikTok Handle?

What is a TikTok handle

It might confuse many how TikTok handle is different from TikTok username. But, there is no difference, really. TikTok handle is also known as Tiktok username. Answer: The TikTok handle is your TikTok username, which always starts with @. For example: @onlinehelpguide. Also, the TikTok username must be unique, or the name will not be … Read more

How To Fix “Not Eligible” On TikTok?

How To Fix “Not Eligible” On TikTok

Many users complain on TikTok that they are getting a “Not Eligible” error when trying to sign up for an account. So why does the error occurs, and how to fix “Not eligible” on TikTok?” Dont worry a bit; we have got you a full cover. Read the below article and learn how you can … Read more

How To Add Two Effects On TikTok?

How To Add Two Effects On TikTok

Effects are used primarily to create regular videos into engaging and entertaining. So, if your videos are not interesting, you can use many amazing effects on your videos to make the audience follow you. One can also say that adding effects to a video on TikTok can be pretty life-changing. TikTok recently included a time … Read more

What Does #xyzbca Mean On TikTok?

What does xyzbca mean on TikTok?

Have you recently noticed a weird hashtag, i.e., #xyzbca, on many videos on your TikTok’s “For You” page? Did you also wonder what that hashtag #xyzbca means on TikTok, as I did some days before? With some research, I have actually found what the #xyzbca means on TikTok and why many people are using it, … Read more