Why Can’t I Like Videos On TikTok?

Why Can't I Like Videos On TikTok

Why can’t you not like videos on TikTok? It can be frustrating when you encounter issues with liking videos on this popular social media platform. This article will explore the reasons behind the problem and provide possible solutions.

To fix can’t like videos on TikTok issues, try clearing the cache, watching full videos, updating the app, checking the internet, resetting network settings, logging in on a different device, contacting support, or making a new account.

Understanding why you can’t like videos on TikTok is crucial for enjoying a seamless experience and getting the most out of this engaging app. So, let’s delve into the details and uncover the answers you’ve been looking for.

Why Can’t I Like Videos On TikTok?

You’re not allowed to like videos on TikTok’s platform because you love too many without taking a break. The TikTok algorithm views this behavior as bot-like and unnatural and, for a while, prevents you from liking more videos.

You’ll get the notification “You’re tapping too fast” if you like too many videos consecutively in a short period. Your screen is flashing “Take a break.” You can also check your previously liked videos on TikTok.

Because it takes TikTok some time to build trust with new users on the site, new accounts on the network are more likely to encounter this problem. The prevalence of false accounts on the network and the crimes carried out utilizing them are the cause in this instance.

A similar outcome will also occur if you follow and comment on too many creators on the network in a short period. In these circumstances, you will get the words “Commenting too rapidly” and “Following too fast,” respectively.

Liking Multiple Videos

The TikTok app does not support spam activity. It involves favoriting an excessive number of videos quickly. If the app suspects that an online bot controls your account, it may temporarily stop letting you like more videos.

Waiting for roughly 30 minutes, 24 hours, or a few days will fix this. Your account age determines the waiting period, and older accounts often wait for a shorter time.

In contrast, new users wait longer because they have yet to develop strong trust with TikTok. You should contact the app’s support staff if the ban has yet to be lifted after several days.

Unstable Internet Connection

You might only be able to enjoy TikTok videos if your internet connection is fast. Additionally, fewer items will load in the “For You” area, reducing the number of movies you can watch.

To assess the strength of your network, do a speed test on the Internet. Restart your modem or WiFi after that to re-establish the connection.

Turn your mobile data on and off if you use it. Try a TikTok video after that.

Not Watching Videos Completely

One method to get around the “you’re tapping too quickly. Take a break” error message on TikTok means to finish watching videos. It enables you to give a video more time while limiting the number of likes you may offer them in a short time.

TikTok’s Server Is Down

TikTok servers maintain data storage over the network. As a result, they can momentarily shut down, stopping you from accessing the program’s functions.

Unfortunately, you are unable to resolve this. It would help if you waited until TikTok’s service was operational again.

Account Restrictions

TikTok adopts community rules and content regulations to create a secure and entertaining user environment.

Your ability to like videos may be affected if you’ve broken these rules or have had your account restricted.

Spamming, using bots, publishing unsuitable content, and using third-party apps are frequent infractions that may result in such limitations.

App Versions And Updates

Compatibility problems, such as TikTok not letting me like videos, can be caused by out-of-date app versions or failure to apply important updates.

How To Fix Can’t Like Videos On TikTok?

If you still can’t like videos on TikTok after waiting more than 24 hours, use the instructions below to get around the like restriction.

Clear App Cache

The app cache has to be cleared first. Caches are files kept on your smartphone to speed up app loading. The next time you start the program, various items will be cached and visible.

Likely, you can only like videos on TikTok if the cache has been updated. The cache needs to be updated even after the limitation is abolished.

You only need to clear the cache files, then.

On Android:

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Select “Apps”
  3. Installed Apps Management
  4. TikTok can be found in the list of installed programs by scrolling down
  5. Click Clear Data
  6. Select “Clear Cache” from the popup menu that displays.

On iOS:

You may already be aware that iOS does not offer the ability to erase the app cache.

However, there is a workaround.

  1. Tap General > Settings > iPhone Storage
  2. Find and tap on TikTok by scrolling through the list of installed apps
  3. Select the Delete App option
  4. On the popup that displays, select Delete App
  5. Open the App Store and look for TikTok after uninstalling
  6. To install the application, tap the Get button
  7. Give the installation permission
  8. Install it and then sign in to your TikTok account
  9. The TikTok app also has a cache-clearing feature.

The TikTok app also has a cache-clearing feature.

Pick Clear cache from the Settings & Privacy menu.

Watch The Full Video

You should also make sure to view the entire video before liking it. You must watch the entire video before liking it because your account has restrictions.

TikTok despises bots. Bots do not watch the entire video before they like it. Finding bot activity on TikTok can be done by following a usual pattern.

Your actions on the TikTok app may unknowingly resemble those of a bot. You must therefore inform the program that you are not a robot.

Everything you must do is listed below:

  1. To like the video, watch it in its entirety.
  2. Avoid watching a lot of videos and quickly
  3. Comment following the completion of the complete video
  4. Be sure to follow everyone.
  5. Do not abruptly unfollow everyone.

As soon as you are back on track, you can use TikTok as usual, and everything should be fine.

Wait For Couple More Hours

The limitation on liking videos is often applied to a TikTok account for roughly 24 hours. The length of the limit varies depending on how old or new the account is.

The limit is often applied to the account for a day or 24 hours. If the account is fresh, the limit may occasionally last more than 24 hours.

I’ve seen folks receiving limits for up to three days or 48 hours after browsing several boards.

Therefore, waiting a bit longer before trying anything, such as opening a new TikTok account, is wise.

Update TikTok

Every app is vulnerable to bugs. TikTok is similar in this regard. It is preferable to update the software immediately if a bug is still there and causing problems. You should always update the program because it will introduce new features and solve bugs.

Even if you have enabled automatic app updates, they could occasionally not work. In this situation, you can upgrade TikTok by visiting the App Store or Play Store.

On Android:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store
  2. Look up TikTok
  3. Look for the app in the list and look for an Update button
  4. If so, click the link to update TikTok.

On iOS:

  1. Open the app store
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, tap your profile image
  3. Apps are included under the area for impending automatic updates as you continue to scroll down
  4. to see if TikTok is included
  5. To update TikTok and fix the problem, click the Update button.

The app will resolve the automatic unliking issue and many more issues with an updated TikTok app.

TikTok updates do not remove draft videos, but removing and reinstalling TikTok does.

Check Internet Connection

You may occasionally experience difficulties that prevent you from liking videos on TikTok due to problems with your Internet connection.

You can view videos loaded in the background, even without an internet connection. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t make it like it.

You won’t be able to enjoy videos on TikTok because of different Internet-related problems like instability problems, high ping, bad network signals, etc.

Once, it would help if you verified that the Internet connection is stable and operational.

By opening them, check to see whether other apps or websites load without a hitch.

Alternating the Internet source is another option you have. Try connecting to a WiFi network instead of using mobile data, for instance, and vice versa.

Reset Network Settings

The network configuration may be off When using the Internet properly on other devices but not on your smartphone.

You can only access the Internetinternet if a device’s network settings are correct. In this instance, the device network configuration—not the internet connection—is the problem.

Let’s say you recently modified any network configuration settings that could affect your ability to access the Internetinternet. But don’t panic; a quick network reset will solve the issue.

Reset Andriod’s Network Settings:

  1. Launch Settings and Access System parameters,
  2. Press Advanced, then select Reset Options,
  3. Locate and select the Reset Network Settings option,
  4. Wait a short while for the reset procedure to finish after confirming it.

Several reset network settings options exist depending on the device’s manufacturer and the Android version. To find it quickly, utilize the search function on the Settings page.

Reset iPhone’s Network Settings:

  1. Activate Settings and select General,
  2. Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone after scrolling down,
  3. At the bottom of the screen, select Reset,
  4. The Reset Network Settings button,
  5. Wait for the procedure to finish before entering the passcode,
  6. Try contacting TikTok after waiting a little while for the gadget to reconnect; it should work now.

Login To TikTok On A Different Device

You could sign into your account from a different device to determine if the problem is related to your device.

Install TikTok on another nearby device. You might utilize a friend’s or family member’s phone for this. It is preferable if you have a backup phone.

The login credentials for your account must be the same as your username.

Check out a few videos to see if you can like any of them.

If the answer is affirmative, your device is the source of the problem. You should reset your smartphone if you’ve tried every other option, like reinstalling TikTok or updating the software.

Contact TikTok Support

Contact the TikTok support staff immediately if you need help with the troubleshooting techniques. If there isn’t a problem with your TikTok account, the customer service representative should be able to pinpoint and solve the issue.

Report An Issue Within The TikTok App:

You can contact the TikTok staff through the app if there is a problem. How to go to it is as follows:

  1. On your Android or iOS smartphone, launch the TikTok app
  2. Access your profile
  3. In the top right corner of the screen, touch the three dots icon
  4. Click “Report a problem” under “Support,”
  5. Go to the subjects list and choose Account and Profile
  6. Pick one of the random problems here
  7. You can click “Is your problem resolved” to the right of the solution. Click No
  8. Select “Still have a problem” from the menu.
  9. On the field that appears, describe the problem and provide screenshots if possible.

Create A New TikTok Account

It’s time to open a new TikTok account if the problem persists even after contacting the TikTok support team. Besides the videos and content you’ve previously uploaded on the platform, I know you have a sizable following on your old account.

You may temporarily use the new account until the problem is fixed if the support ticket you submitted on the TikTok help portal is still waiting. You should consider utilizing the new one as your main TikTok account if they cannot help you.

What Will Happen When I Can’t Like People’s TikTok?

When you can’t like people’s TikTok videos, it can have several implications and effects on your experience on the platform:

Limited Interactions

On TikTok, liking videos is a crucial way to express gratitude, support, and interaction with content producers. You lose out on the chance to engage with the TikTok community and express your interest in or admiration for particular videos when you are unable to like videos.

Reduced Engagement

Receiving personalized suggestions, like videos, not only helps you find related content but also helps content creators. When you cannot like videos, the algorithm can find it difficult to grasp your preferences, making your TikTok feed less relevant and interesting.

Social Connection

The lively and engaging community on TikTok is well-known. You may engage in conversations, find like-minded people, and follow trends by liking videos. If you like videos, you may improve your ability to interact socially and fully connect with the TikTok community.

Missed Chances

Interaction indicators, such as likes, highly influence the popularity and exposure of videos on TikTok. When you are unable to like videos, you can lose out on helping out deserving creators, promoting content, and possibly even getting credit for your videos.

Technical Issues

Sometimes, the inability to like videos may be due to a short-term technical problem. However, the issue can indicate deeper app-related or device compatibility concerns if it continues. Likes and comments will also not show on your profile due to the issue.

To guarantee a flawless TikTok experience and make the most of the platform’s interesting content and community, it’s critical to address the problem as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the most frequently asked questions about why can’t I like TikTok videos and other issues regarding TikTok are as follows:

Why Does TikTok Display “You’re Tapping Too Fast” As An Error Message?

If a user likes too many videos in a row on TikTok, a notice stating “you’re tapping too fast” appears.

How Long Must I Wait Before I Can Like Videos Again?

Before you continue to like videos on TikTok, you might have to wait 30 minutes, 24 hours, or even a few days. Your account’s age is typically a factor in the waiting period.

Per Day, How Many TikTok Videos Can I Like?

You can like a maximum of 500 videos per day.

Does TikTok Unlike Videos?

No, TikTok doesn’t unlike users’ videos, but there are some circumstances where TikTok errors light up the issue.

What If I Don’t Want To Watch The Video?

You can tap the “not interested” button after selecting the share button. It gets rid of the video.

Can People See If You View Other TikTok Profiles Without An Account?

People cannot see if you view others’ TikTok profiles without an account.


In conclusion, why individuals can’t like videos on TikTok has generated significant user curiosity. While the reasons behind this limitation may vary, it is crucial to note that factors such as account restrictions, technical glitches, or violations of TikTok’s community guidelines could contribute to the inability to like videos.

To ensure a seamless experience on the app, it is advisable to review and adhere to TikTok’s policies and guidelines while staying updated with any changes or updates made by TikTok. By understanding the potential reasons behind this restriction and following the recommended guidelines, users can optimize their TikTok experience and enjoy the platform’s full range of interactive features.

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