Best Voice Changer Apps You Should Try

Are you in search of the best voice changer apps? Thinking of pranking your friends and having fun? Looking forward to the best voice changer apps for your phone? You are here at the right place. This article includes ultimate information for the queries you have. Keep in touch till the very end of this article. So, let us get started with today’s topic.

There are plenty of voice changer apps available. But, choosing the best one with good results is also required. Some of the best voice changer apps which you should try are as follows:
1. One Pixel Studio
2. Rock Voice Changer
3. Video Proc Blogger
4. Int Call
5. Fun Calls
6. Allegan
7. Voice FX

Fun apps which entertain us are also required in our life. Voice changer apps work best in the case of this purpose. You can change your real voice into something funny such as ghosts, animals, robots, etc. They are very different from your real voice, and nobody can know the real you. It is mostly used to do prank calls, fool someone, etc. It is great to change your voice.

What Is A Voice Changer App?

Voice changer apps are those which change your voice to an unknown voice. They are like a normal app that you use in your day-to-day life.

When you open the app and record your sound, it produces a sound different from your original sound. Such as some kind of animated character, robotic, ghosts, etc.

Nobody can detect it is your original sound. It is because the sound gets completely changed to something unknown.

When speaking and recording, the voice changer app records your original sound. But, when you play that recording, you get a whole new sound.

Also, some voice changer apps have the feature of selecting which voice you want to change. You can get your desired voice in this way.

With the help of voice changer apps, you do not need to convert the voice by using your efforts, such as using towels, holding your neck, etc.

What Is The Necessity Of Voice Changer Apps?

Everyone who has downloaded voice changer apps has their reason behind it. Voice changer is a fun app, so the main reason behind using it is for enjoyment and entertainment.

Sometimes, you may think of pranking one of your friends. So, you may need a voice changer to make a brief call and fool your friend. In this case, you will try a lot to hide your real voice from your friend.

You may also wonder what your voice would sound like in an animated cartoon character. Voice changer apps have those features too.

Likely, there are plenty of cartoon characters you can easily select and turn over your voice. Moreover, children also can enjoy the voice changer app very perfectly.

Also, the robotic sound, which sounds so mechanical, is something to try. Trying new things and getting a new experience is something that everyone likes.

Nobody has seen the older version of themselves at a young age. You can try an older voice effect and prank others by telling them they are very old.

Lastly, all of these works are done for fun and entertainment. The Voice changer app is a necessary tool for increasing joy in life.

How To Use Voice Changer Apps?

Using any of the voice changer apps is not hard. There is just a simple step in which you would require to use voice changer apps.

Here is a guide for you to use voice changer apps. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Play Store

Firstly, turn on your mobile phone. Then, go to your mobile app list and search for the play store app.

Launch the play store app on the screen of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Search For The Voice Changer App

Secondly, you must search for the voice changer app on the play store.

Go and type the name of the voice changer app in the search bar.

Then, tap on the magnifying glass icon and search for the app.

Step 3: Download It On Your Mobile Phone

Click on the exact app which you would like to download.

Now, on the right side of your mobile phone, you can see install as an option.

Once you tap on it, the app starts installing and takes a few minutes to download.

Step 4: Complete All The Processes

The process includes some of the easy steps, such as providing access to your voice recorder, camera, phone, etc.

Then, you will also have to create an account on the downloaded app by providing your email, phone number, password, etc. Then, complete the process.

Step 5: Tap To Call

As you have given access to your phone to the voice converter app, you can now dial the number of the person you want to call.

The next person who receives your call will hear a converted sound. You may speak in a normal voice, but the voice converter converts it.

Also, you can record a sound using the voice converter and send it to someone whom you like to do a prank.

The process completes here. Use these simple five steps and learn to use a voice changer app.

Best Voice Changer Apps

Depending on the type of device you are using, that is android mobile phones, iOS, desktops, PC, etc there are voice changer apps. So, as per the device eligibility of an app, you can download them and try if it gives a perfect result or not.

Here, I have guided you with the voice changer app by separating the apps for your android and iOS devices. They are as follows:

4+ Best Voice Changer Apps For iOS Devices

Over here, I have provided you with some of the best and most used voice converter apps for iPhones and tablet users. You can easily find them in your apple store.

Celebrity Voice Changer

Celebrity voice changer is an app that consists of the voices of different national and international celebrities. You can change or convert your voice into one of the celebrities and prank someone.

You can enjoy this app for free of cost. But, there is the availability of a subscription pack too, which is of your own choice.

The device with a version of 9.0 can easily adjust and use this app. You can also check on the play store as this app has a rating of about 4.0.

  • Has plenty of sound options.
  • Automatic voice converting system.
  • Realistic voice copy of any celebrity.
  • Too expensive subscription packs.
  • Lots of things to improve.

Fun Calls

Fun calls enable you to change the voice in your recorded videos or audio. This app is mainly designed to have a prank call with your friends. You will require just a minimum amount of effort in this app.

Also, you can dub the whole movie or certain clips with an annoying sound through this app. Mainly the sound of ghosts, mice, bears, animals, etc are freely available over here.

If you want a better experience with this app, also purchase a subscription pack. It is an app free of cost.

There is the easy availability of about thirty different voices, which you can use without any cost.

  • Dubbing features
  • Along with video recording tools
  • Allows you to share your creation on other platforms.
  • This app lacks the audio mixing section.
  • You will need a pack to unlock the voices.

Voice Changer Plus

Voice changer plus is an app with complete freedom regarding recorded voices. No matter what you choose, all of the features are free.

This app also supports your voiceover recordings. So, there are fifty different varieties of sound effects which you can replace with your sound.

Also, get a chance to edit all of the audio files you have kept saved on your device. You will get a better way to improve your recording skills.

  • Plenty of voice effects and filters.
  • Can trim and edit the saved audio files.
  • Features of voiceover recordings.
  • It is not possible to modulate the audio in the form of video files.

Always remember to choose and use the best version of the app you select. Get inside the provided link and change your voice yourself to something amazing.

In the process of using those apps, you may get interrupted by some unusual things. Here is how you can block adult websites on your iPhone without apps.

3+ Best Voice Changer Apps For Android Device Users

Different devices have their way of functioning. The places to find the apps and their availability are different. So, easily find these apps on your play store.

Voice FX

Voice FX is a voice converter app for android users. It has an app version of about 4.3. So, it is easily downloadable on any android phone.

This app is one of the quick and easy converting apps. Just with the help of a few simple taps, you can get a full voice-converted audio file.

You can apply all of the available voice effects and choose which one suits you the best. Also, you can use it for live streaming on different platforms.

  • Feature to stream live.
  • Customizable voice effects.
  • You can get your audio file exported in the form of MP3.
  • You may face a lot of glitches.
  • Limited voice effects and selection process.

Squeak Voice Changer

Squeak voice changer makes your calls and recording a little bit funnier than other apps. This is because it has plenty of funny voice effect features. Every voice sounds crazy and funny too.

You can easily download this app from your Google play store as it has a very less version of about 4.3. The reviews in this app are also somehow more as you can see about 3.9.

The process of recording is very easy. You just have to choose one of the effects and start recording the sound. You do not have to go through anything after that as other processes are automatic.

  • Less expensive compared to other apps.
  • Has an option to record audio.
  • Plenty of funny characters
  • The only English language recognized is AI.

Android Rock Voice Changer

Android Rock voice changer is an app designed by a group of people. It is free and does not require any kind of premium purchase.

It is an average kind of app compared to all of the above. The exciting voices provided by this app are bee, drunk man, fan, underwater, old person, etc., and many others.

The process is all simple and quick. Record the voice that you want to convert. Apply the voice filter on the same recorded audio clip.

  • An app is free of cost.
  • There is no kind of in-app purchase in this converter.
  • Provides results very quickly.


  • Has lots of disturbing ads.
  • An average app with no limited features.

Lastly, you can select any of the above and use it per your preference. You can easily find and download the app by the two links attached to the explanation of each app.

If you are facing any kind of problem with the app, kindly uninstall it. But, you are facing, again and again, looking for why the android app is not being uninstalled.

Is It Possible To Change Voice On Any App?

Yes, it is possible to change voices on any app. No matter whether the app is discord, TikTok, Facebook calls, etc., you can easily convert your voice to something unknown.

The main thing you have to do is sync the desired app with a voice changer. Every time you switch the app, you should keep on connecting two of them.

Use the voice changer app in your background apps. It will prevent the timely connection loss of the voice changer as well as from getting caught by friends.

If you want to know detailly about how to change your voice on discord, here is a complete guide for you. Also, follow the same process to change your voice on other social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section of today’s article, we will be discussing some of the questions, along with their answers, related to voice changer apps. They are as follows:

Which Is The Safest Voice Changer App?

Clownfish is the voice changer app that is the safest among all. This is one of the best and most popular apps for those users who are beginners. It is free of cost and has no subscription premium that needs to be purchased. You can not use this app to convert your recorded items’ voices. Instead, it is very useful while streaming on discord, Skype, etc. Also, use it for chatting purposes and to fool your close friends. It gives a great result with other social media apps as well.

Is There A Realistic Voice Changer App?

You can find plenty of apps in the Play Store with realistic voice-changers. But, they are fake and just a scam for unknown users. The apps are limited, and you do not have plenty of options at all. Some of the third-party voice changer apps which provide a realistic feeling are AV voice changer, voice mod, Morph Vox JR, voice XL changer, etc. Using these apps, you can troll your friends and make fun of them. Use the correct app and prank others like a boss.

How Can I Sound Like A Girl?

This is possible only with the help of voice changer apps. First, go to your Google play store or apple store and search for a voice changer. Then, scroll deep down to see options like a girlish voice changer. If you are a girl, you can also change your voice to a boy. Both features are available in a single app. Some apps with a girl’s voice feature are Super voice changer, Clownfish, vocal chord, etc. You must learn how to use all of them first.


Every human wants their life to be surrounded by jokes and entertainment. Along with people’s desire, there is a voice changer app designed for the same purpose. You have to choose the desired one and use it for your purposes.

Voice changer apps enable you to enjoy a lot by experimenting with many apps and modulation of voices. There are separate voice changer apps according to the device you have been using.

I hope you have completed reading this article. Did you enjoy this topic? Was it helpful for you?

I also guess that you now know some of the best voice changer apps. Do not get late, and you should try it today.

Thank you for being here and going through our article. Keep on loving and supporting us.

As you are at the end, I want to end this topic over here. Have patience with the new and updated article on this same website. Until then, stay tuned and focused.

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