TikTok vs Byte: Which One Is the Better App?

Nowadays, you will see a lot of short videos on many social media having bizarre, comedic content along with a background music track and special effects, right? Once you begin to see one of those videos you will want to binge-watch more. Well, from the short Vine videos to musical lip-syncing and dance contents containing fine digital effects, most are from the social media apps like TikTok and Byte. Due to which these two apps have evolved a type of rivalry between them, plus the TikTok Vs Byte topic is presently a hot discussion among people.

TikTok and Byte are two famous social media apps having minor similarities but huge differences. Tiktok is a successful and established app consisting of larger users and superior features. On the other hand, although being recently launched Byte is gaining popularity and users faster and with future upgrades and updates is tipped to succeed TikTok in the coming years. 

Stick around as I will be explaining the functionality and features of both TikTok and Byte in details for your  better understanding and comparison between the two brilliant apps

From Musical.ly To Tik Tok

After the merger of Muscial.ly and the Launch of TikTok, the app has been able to gain huge success and following from the content creators on a global scale.

In this section of the article, I will also be discussing the History of Tiktok, its attributes, and its functionality in detail. Furthermore, the information you acquire will help you to understand the app more in fair depth.


Established by entrepreneur Alex Zhang and Luyu Yang, Musical.ly was one of the early social media apps that enabled you to create your video content and upload it to the app server.

Moreover, Musical.ly consisted of features like a music library, live streams, direct messaging, trending, and hashtags editing options. This app as a social media app was gaining lots of success among the video content creators on the global stage.

The rise and popularity of Musical.ly were well noticed by the Chinese company ByteDance. As a result, in the year 2017 ByteDance decided to acquire Musical.ly for around $1 billion in 2017. Furthermore, ByteDance merged Musical.ly with TikTok. The user accounts of Musical.ly were all assimilated as TikTok’s user account.

According to Alex Zhang, “Combining Musical.ly and Tiktok is a natural fit given the shared mission of both experiences to create a community where everyone can be a creator”

To date there are about 500 million active users and an astounding 1 billion app downloads in the world, making TikTok one of the Top social media apps on the global platform.

But, in recent times Tiktok has been facing some controversies related to user information security leading to it being banned in India and a probable ban in the US. Due to this, TikTok has faced a decline in active users and its status global market.


The hype and success of TikTok are mainly credited to its amazing features. You will get the following features in this app.

Video Uploading

Uploading the video is perhaps the most important feature of theTIkTok as an app. The whole theme of the app itself is based on uploading the video for the public to view.

TikTok users can upload both their real-time and ready-made videos to their TikTok account. Furthermore, users are also able to perform different types of edits, effects, and add description and hashtags before uploading the video to the user account.

Moreover, I will be describing the process of uploading the video in the below segments.

Video Editing

You can consider the video editing of TikTok on par with Snapchat. Impressive tools like Augmented Reality (AR) effect for changing eye and hair colors, makeup options along with stickers, animations, and masks are present in the app.

Similarly, special features like reality filters, transition effects, and green screen effects are also present in Tiktok and have further helped the app to compete with Snapchat and Instagram.

Besides, all these incredible features have aided to establish TikTok’s strong position in the market. The reason being the unavailability of apps of the same category and having these same attributes.

Live Streaming

Nowadays, live streaming is available on a lot of social media like youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. You can stream live in TikTok after you reach 1000 followers on your TikTok account. Besides, TikTok stars have been able to get virtual gifts, donations from their fans through live streaming features.

Music Library

TikTok has a huge line of music soundtracks in their music library. The users can integrate their favorite track in their video content. Many top TikToker like Baby Ariel, Michale Le, Spencer X use Soundtracks in their contents. Also, many upcoming music producers get instant hits by adding their sound to the library in TikTok.

QR Scanner

TikTok Users can simply subscribe to each other through the QR scanner feature provided by the app. Scanning the QR code for a subscription is a faster, easier, and efficient method to find people.

Social Sharing

Users can share their content on various other social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. This ability of multiple platform sharing helps them to gain exposure outside the TikTok community.

Duet Option

The Duet option is one of the most fun features of TikTok. If you are a person like myself who likes to sing then you will enjoy this feature because you can now do duets on the video with a soundtrack with anyone. Criteria for duets is that the users have to include a #duetwithme hashtag in the content to enable doing the duets.

Geo Location

TikTok displays the geo-locations of user blogger broadcasting live currently nearby.


TikTok also provides the user facility to earn from their creations. The users can ask for donations coins on live streams from the followers, earn from the ads platforms, or even by selling an account. The monetization in TikTok is one of the many reasons for it to become a giant social media platform.

Remix Ability

One of the best and loved features of TikTok is the remix ability of the soundtracks by and of any user. In my opinion, the freedom to use random tunes or even videos helps TikTok’s content to be more viral not only in the Tiktok community but also in other social media.

Exploring The App

Exploring through the TikTok app is simple and effortless. You will find the scrolling transition smooth in the experience while exploring through scrolling the app.

When you first open the app you will find 5 core sections of options in the menu bar located at the bottom side of the app screen. The following are the 5 major sections of the menu bar are as follows:


The first things you see when you open the app are the videos that automatically appear in front of you in the Home section.

Normally, those videos are from the people you follow, but if it is your first time the nature of the appearing videos is random. By holding on to the video you have the choice to save it, add it to your favorites, to not interested list, or even report the video. Apart from the videos, you will find the following options in the Home section.

Following Option

Tapping the “Following” options will show you the videos from the users you are following. You will find their recent video upload by scrolling downwards.

For You Option

The “For You” option is located beside the Following options and it provides you with random videos from random creators plus the videos of the creators you follow.

Creator Profile Icon

The creator profile icon is located along with the video’s description on the bottom right side. The creator profile icon is the profile picture of the video’s creator in a circular shape. Below this icon, the details of the soundtrack are also visible. Furthermore, tapping the icon or swiping left while on creators’ videos will take you to the profile of the content creator.

You will find the following specific information;

  • User Id
  • Followers
  • Followings
  • Likes
  • Follow option
  • User’s video content.

Furthermore, The 3 dots on the top-right provides you the following options:

  • Sharing user Id link
  • Blocking
  • Reporting
  • Personal messaging
Like Option

Similar to Instagram when you double-click the video, the system counts it as a like to the video, and the heart-shaped icon which denotes the like option changes to red from white.

The current total number of likes is also visible just below the heart-shaped icon. This icon is located below the creator profile icon. Higher the like numbers more exposure to the particular video content.

Comment Option

The comment icon below the like icon and lets you put down your perspective of the video in text form on the comment sections.

Your comment will be displayed along with the comments from other viewers. Below the comment icon, the number of total comments on the video is also displayed.

Share option

Denoted by an arrow sign, the share option lets you share the particular video to other media platforms by directly sending the video or copying the link.

The following options pop up when tapping the share icon:

  • Report option
  • Not Interested option
  • Video save option
  • Use the effect
  •  Duet
  •  Clip Stitch Option
  • Live photos
  • Share as GIF
Creators’ Music Library Icon

This is also one of the important sections and features of TikTok, which is located below the comment icon. Tapping on this option will take you to the music library of the particular creator.

There can be many other soundtracks of that creator to choose from. Moreover, the app also gives you the privilege to use those other than the track.

I will further explain how you can add your track to the library in the below segments.


The Discover section is represented by a magnifying glass icon. Upon tapping the section you are taken to the Discover section’s screen which contains a search bar at the top to find the particular content creator, the trending videos on TikTok in your geo-locational area.

The Discover search bar lets you search the following:

  • Users
  • Videos
  • Sounds
  • Hashtags
  • Top (Trendings)

You will also find a QR code scanner on the upper right side of the discover section. With the scanner, you can scan other’s TikTok QR codes to follow them and also generate your own.

Video Content Creation

To record all your video contents you have to tap on the plus sign located at the bottom of the screen in the middle of the menu bar.

The following features are present in this section of the app:

Record Button

After entering the creation section, you will find a round red button at the bottom of the screen. Holding this button will record a video from your phone’s rare or front camera. After recording, you can apply the various effects like slow-motion, reverse, reverse, transitions, split screens, etc. Furthermore, you can add texts, a variety of stickers, voice effects, etc.

Video Length

TikTok lets you record videos of two length formats, a 15-second video, and a 60-second video. Furthermore, TikTok is among the few social media apps that let the user record a 60-second video.


You will be able to insert photos from your gallery in the videos, and the Template option lets you choose your photos from your gallery.

Special Effects And Mask

By Tapping on this option the app will display various amazing special effects along with the text options that will appear on your mobile screen. The videos look more attractive and unique with the use of these effects.

Camera Options

You will find these Camera options on the top-right side of the camera screen. The Camera options consist of features like the camera view flip option, recording speed, various filters, beauty mode, and camera timer.


Located at the top of the camera screen, the sound option lets you insert a track in your video from the music library.

Tapping on this option displays the trending soundtracks, favorite tracklist, a search option to find the particular track. Also, you can upload your track through the My Sound option located at the top right of this segment’s screen.


This section contains all the in-app notifications including like, comments, mentions, new followers, and messages from Tiktok. You can check your in-app personal messages by tapping the icon located at the top right side of the inbox screen. As you increase your video content activities in the app, this section is usually always active.

Me (Profile)

This section contains all your video contents, your public information like your follower number, the number of people you follow, likes, liked videos, and private videos.

The Me sections also let you edit your basic profile information like user id, name, bio. You can also show the link to yourInstagramandYoutubeaccount and channel.

Moreover, there is an invite option to connect with your contact and friends in the upper left corner of the screen in this sedition. Specifically, you can connect with your Facebook friends or personally invite anyone through phone messaging.

The setting and privacy of the app are located in this segment, tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of the Me section lets you access the settings.

The overall privacy setting of Tiktok is commendable app wise as there are options of comment filters, account blocking, content visibility, etc. But, still, TikTok has faced scrutiny from many governments regarding the accessibility of data of the users to the Chinese government. This has created a huge controversy in recent times.

The settings consist of:

  • Account setting
  • Content and activity
  • Cache and cellular data
  • Support
  • About
  • Accounts & log out options.

How To Use TikTok?

In this section, I will be explaining to you how to use the TikTok app. So, let’s dive into the subject matter.

How to Sign Up For TikTok?

You can sign in to TikTok in any 3 different ways as per your convenience. You can sign in using your phone number, email, your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account, or your Google account. But, you can not link a new account to a number, email, Google account, or mentioned social media accounts linked to an old TikTok account.

How Can You Sign Up For TikTok Using Your Phone Number?

The Following are the steps to sign up with your phone number:

  • Open the TikTok app on your Android or IOS platform.
  • Tap Use Phone or email option.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Next, enter the phone number and tap enter.
  • Tik Tok will send a 4-digit code to your number or email
  • Insert the code for verification and your account will be created.
How Can You Sign Up For Tik Tok Using Your Email?

The Following are the steps to sign up with your Email:

  • Open the TikTok app on your Android or IOS platform.
  • Tap Use Phone or email option.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Insert your email address and tap “Next”.
  • Type the Password for your TikTok account and tap “Next”.
  • Then, enter a user name for the TikTok account and tap sign up to create the account.

Furthermore, a verification code will also be sent to your email address to affirm the email. It is recommended to confirm and validate the email to TikTok.

How Can You Sign Up To Tik Tok Using Your Social Media?

You can sign up for TikTok using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your Google accounts, all these options consist of the same procedure. The following are the steps to sign up for TikTok using your social media:

  • Open the Tiktok app on your Android or IOS platform.
  • Tap Use any of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google account option.
  • Tap “continue”.
  • Your new TikTok account linked with the particular social media account is ready.

How To Find Particular Videos/SoundTracks On TikTok?

When you first open the app you are exposed to randoms videos on the home section. Want a specific video from a specific creator? Follow the following steps:

  • Open the app tap on the Discover section
  • Tap on the search option
  • Enter the name of the creator or enter the hashtag for the video or the sound.
  • Scroll through the list to locate your desired content.

In the Discover section, you will also get to see the videos and soundtracks that are currently trending in your location or country.

How To Record, Edit, And Upload Videos On TikTok?

Making videos on TikTok is extremely easy. I consider the effortlessness of making video content, adding effects, and the soundtrack to be one of many reasons for TikTok’s success.

Before recording, you are given options like selecting recording speed, effects, filter option, set a timer for recording, beautify, and music track selection option.

With recording speed you can record slow-motion videos as well as fast-paced videos. The effects and filters help to lite up the video more plus the beautify options help you to make your face more attractive.

The following are the steps to make video content on TikTok.

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Tap on the plus sign to open the camera.
  • Select the video length of 15 seconds or 60 seconds located on the bottom of the camera screen.
  • Tap and hold the red button to record.

After the recording, the app presents you with more editing options like soundtracks, effects, text, and snap chat style stickers, and Gifs.

Also, Tiktok consists of effects like rainbow, stars, and clouds which are very attractive in the video. Furthermore, you also have the option to edit the video clips for trimming and add voice effects.

The upload or publishing process is very similar to Instagram. Follow the following steps to upload the video:

  • After the satisfactory video editing tap next.
  • Enter the video description, hashtags, and tag a few friends.
  • Toggle with the privacy option of the video.
  • Then after confirmations, your video will be published.

How To Follow/Add Friends Or Strangers On TikTok?

One of the main themes of TikTok is to make friends and expand your network with unknown people and increase your fanbase. Furthermore, a larger fanbase and circle will help you not only with popularity but also monetize from the app. To find a friend you must connect your mobile number with your TikTok account.

The following are the steps to find friends on TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Select the Me section.
  • Insert the name on the search of the person
  • Enter the account and tap follow.

For people not in Tiktok.

  • Go to the Me section in the menu bar.
  • Tap the icon of a person with a plus sign on the top-left side.
  • Either Tap on Invite friends, find contacts or find Facebook Friends.

After some time on the app, you can easily get used to functioning the app easily.

Who Has Downloaded TikTok?

As I have mentioned, TikTok has currently 500million active users with a total of 1 billion downloads to date. The largest demographic among the downloader are Android users from the Z-generation (16-24-year-olds). The Z-generation is known as the most ethnically diverse generation.

Byte: The New Vine?

Do you remember when the Vine app was such a massive success, but it was shut down by Twitter in the year 2016? Such a letdown right? Vine had become the source of success for a lot of people that became celebrities. But, wait Vine 2 has been relaunched?

Well, in a way you can say that Vine version 2 has come back. But, not exactly Vine 2. An app called Byte was launched and is considered by both the creators and the users as the successor of the vine.

Comparatively, Byte is better than Vine and features quite similar to Tiktok, but with some notable differences.

With the recent controversies of TikTok and a probable ban in the Us, people are buzzing about the idea of Byte’s take over from TikTok.


The year 2017 was truly a sad year for a lot of Vine users. Twitter decided to shut down Vine and let the users upload videos via Twitter rather than a third-party app. Vine at the time was humongous among content creators.

This app enables you to make 6-seconds short looping videos and you had to show what creative content you could create in the short period.

Many Vine Stars received Stardom due to the app and became a huge success in the mainstream media. So, a shutdown was a hard thing to handle for many individuals.

But, speculations were surfacing that the creators of Vine were in the process of launching a version 2 in the coming years.

Finally, on Jan 24, 2020, one of the co-creators of Dom Hofmann, introduced the world with Byte. Since then, the Byte is slowly picking up where it left from the previous Vine era.

The current download rate of the app to date is 1.3 million, with the majority of the users being owners of apple phones in the US.

Similarly, Former Vine stars who were active on other platforms after the closing of Vine are beginning to return. Besides, many believe Byte will compete marvelously with various other similar apps to be number one in this social media business.


The developers have concentrated on the latest trends and updated lots of previous features of the Vine and added new features in the Byte app.

According to the developers, lots of new updates and upgrades can be expected in addition to the current features in the future.

And now, without further ado, let me explain the various features of Byte.

Video Upload

Like Tiktok, Byte’s whole theme as an app is to upload videos in one app to let people view them. As a Byte user, you can upload both the ready-made videos and the ones recorded from the Byte app itself to your account. Moreover, there are different options for editing the video before you upload it to your account.

I will be describing the process of uploading video in the below segments in detail.

Video Editing

You will find video editing slightly inferior to other similar media apps like Snapchat and TikTok.Apart from inserting photos. Setting a timer, soundtrack, and inserting clips you can insert effects and perform edits only after recording the video. Effects like ghost mode, inserting texts are the only effects available on the screen but the beauty mode is not missing.

There seems to be room for lots of improvement in the Byte. Hopefully, the developers are in the process of adding new editing features like AR effects, reality filters, and transition effects, etc in the app soon.

Social Sharing

Byte gives the user privilege to share the videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, etc which helps for larger exposure and audience. Many Vine stars who have attained stardom have had their contents spread all over the larger social media networks.

Soundtrack Collection

Unlike in the Vine, you will find a soundtrack collection in the Byte app, which is quite similar to the Music library of Tiktok. But, the number of tracks in this collection is not as large as that of TikTok, still, as the app is new, further new tracks are sure to be added.

Exploring The App

You will not face any difficulty navigating through the Byte app as it has a smooth transition and easy to explore. The first time you open the app you will find 5 main sections of options in the menu bar located at the bottom side of the app screen. The 5 sections are as follows:


When you open the Byte you are on the Home section, the app will present random videos. The Home section consists of the following options:

Your Mix

You will find the Your Mix option is activated when you first open the app. As the name suggests the videos appearing while you are on this option are from random creators. This option’s main function is to suggest to you the most viewed videos from different creators.


The Following option is located at the side of Your mix option on the Home section presents you with the video contents from the creators that you have given a follow. Apart from their videos, random videos do not appear in this section.

Flag Option

While scrolling to random videos, you may come up with some inappropriate content. In this scenario, you will find three dots at the side of the screen. Tapping this option lets you flag and report the particular video content and with a review from the admins, the video can be removed.

Soundtrack Collection Icon

Below the Flag option, you will find the profile picture of the content creator in a square shape which denotes the soundtrack collection of that particular content creator, tapping it will take you to the soundtrack collection. The app gives you the privilege to use the tracks of that creator.

Share Option

The share option is denoted by an arrow icon. You can share particular videos with your peers and followers as well as on other media platforms. The Share option in the Byte app has the following additional options:

  • Copy Link
  • Export
  • Rebyte
Comment Option

Tapping on the comment option simply is for you to give your perspective in words related to the particular video you viewed on the comment box.

Moreover, another trick to commenting is by holding on to the video, and a comment box pops up for your convenience. Also, the total number of comments in the video is displayed below the comment icon.

Like Reaction

Like reaction is denoted by the heart shape. Whenever you double-tap on a video, the app counts it as alike to the video and the white heart shape turns red. The total likes of the video are displayed below the heart icon. Higher the like more exposure to the video content.

Creator Profile Icon

The creator profile is displayed along with the description and a small follow option of the video on the bottom right side of the video screen. Tapping the icon will take you to the profile of the content’s creator. You will find the following information about the creator:

  • Creator Id /Profile Picture
  • Creator bio
  • Bytes (uploaded videos)
  • Follow option
  • Rebytes (shared videos)

Furthermore, The 3 dots on the top-right provides you the following options:

  • Sharing user Id link
  • Blocking
  • Reporting

Search Option

Right beside the Home Section, you will find an icon similar to a magnifying glass. Tapping the icon takes you to the Search option. You can enter the name or title of any favorite creator, friend, Hashtag, Channel, and sound to find them.

Moreover, Various categorized channels are also presented for you to make your search easier. The screen also displays the videos that are trending on Byte.

Video Content Creation

Tapping on the circular white screen button located along the bottom side between the Search options and Activity option opens up the camera where you can record a video and create content. Specifically, the following options appear on the camera screen:

Record Button

At the bottom side, there is a big circular grey button with a white outline. To record the video you have to tap and hold this button turning it red to record.

Camera Flip

The camera flip option lets you switch from the rare camera to the front camera.

Self Timer And Insert Clip Menu

You can find a small white circle icon with three black lines that denotes a small menu containing the Self Timer option and Insert Clip options. While recording the video you can set a timer as per your convenience and also with insert clip you can insert video clips on the main video.

Ghost Mode

Ghost mode is an interesting filter in which you can insert a nearly transparent layer of a scenario after recording a video.

Photo Option

The photo option lets you browse through your gallery to select your desired photo. Afterward, the photos are inserted in the video along with a track to create an attractive video presentation.

 Add Sound

The Add Sound option simply lets you add the desired track to your video. The track acts as background music and creates a cinematic environment for the viewers


After recording the video, you can short colorful text on the video at your convenience. Apart from that, you can drag the text to give it the desired size.


The Activity option is where you get all your notifications related to the Byte app. Similarly, as you grow accustomed to the app and spend time creating videos and gaining followers these sections will always be active. The Activity section consists of notifications related to the following

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Follows
  •  Mentions
  • Message from Byte


The profile section is one of the most important sections of your byte app and account because it contains your details and setting option of the app. This section contains all your bytes, rebytes, likes, bio, etc.

Moreover, there is an edit profile option located at the top right of the screen which lets you upload a profile picture, change names, change the background color, and write a bio.

You will find three vertical dot menu options besides the edit profile option. A menu bar pops up after tapping the dots.revealing the following options:

  • Your account statistic
  • Your followers
  • People you follow
  • Profile link
  • Manage Blocked accounts
  • Settings
  • Logout

Unlike other social media platforms, Byte does not display the followers and following, meaning these numbers are only visible to the owner of the account. Moreover, setting options includes

  • Profile setting
  • Feed behavior
  • Video setting
  • Advanced setting
  • Community
  • Troubleshooting
  • Account setting
  • About the app

How To Use Byte?

In this segment, I am gonna explain how to function and use the Byte app as a whole.

How To Sign Up To Byte?

Currently, you can only signup to Byte with a Google account. Other Similar social media approve of using phone numbers, emails, or even other social media Ids. But, for some reason, only the Google accounts are validated by byte for opening an account.

The process of signing up Byte account are as follows:

  • Open the Byte app.
  • Tap the sign in with Google option.
  • Enter your Gmail.
  • Enter the desired username
  • Tap the Sign me up option
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Tap the let’s go option on the screen

Finally, your Byte account is ready to use.

How To Find Particular Videos/ Sound Track On Byte?

Follow the steps below to find videos on Byte:

  • Open the Byte app.
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon.
  • Type in a search phrase, scroll through the trending hashtags or search through the channels.

If you want binge watch some random videos then tap your mix option on the home section.

How To Record, Edit, And Upload Videos On Byte?

Before you start recording you can always add a background soundtrack along with the privilege of setting a timer and additional clips at your convenience.

The following are the steps to record, edit, and to upload the videos:

  • Open the Byte app
  • Tap the circle button on the menu bar.
  • Press the grey circle with a white outline to record a 16-second video.
  • After you end recording you have the option to apply the ghost mode effect or add photos to the content.
  • Afterward, click the arrow option.
  • Edit using the optional text, additional music option in the video and tap next
  • Add the necessary descriptions, hashtags to the video.
  • Pick a channel for categorization
  • Tap Post or save to gallery

How To Follow People?

Follow the steps below to add or follow people:

  • Open the Byte app.
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon.
  • Type in a user-id.
  • Open the user account
  • Tap follow

Who Has Downloaded Byte?

The Byte users are specifically iPhone users from the Us with 1.5 million active users to date.

The demographics of the Byte users are a mix of Z-generation and old-time Vine users. With the probable ban of TikTok in the US, many creators are shifting their content on Byte.

Also, famous Vine Stars like Chris Melberger, Joshdarnit, and Lance Stewart, and other common users who went to TikTok after Vine shutting down are all returning to Byte.

TikTok Or Byte?

Till now, I hope you must have understood a lot about both these incredible apps in detail. So, when doing a detailed comparison between TikTok and Byte together, TikTok proves to be a better app among the two. The following are the reasons Tiktok is better than Byte.

Better Features

Tiktok undoubtedly has better features than Byte by a mile. Although Byte is a new player against TikTok which has been able to become well established globally. Byte still needs time to have more upgrades and updates.

But, currently, Tiktok having features like multiple signup options, a large musical library, dueting options, geo-location, live streaming, more interface, and smoother transition of the app experience far surpasses Byte in comparison.

More Effects

Byte lacks a lot of special effects in comparison to Tiktok. Whereas, Tiktok consists of Effects like Green Screen, augmented reality effect,  animations, masks, reality filters, and transition effects which are not present in Byte. Due, to which the video content creator has more options to edit the video and make it more attractive.

Longer Video Length

The most notable difference between TikTok vs Byte is the length of the video the particular app allows the creator to make. While in the time of Vine the video length was only 6-seconds, which the creators have upgraded to 15-seconds in Byte.

On the other hand, Tiktok allows 15-seconds as well a whopping 60 seconds long video. Hence, this enabled the creators to a longer duration to put more creative ideas in a single shell of a video.

In-App Monetization

Tiktok has an in-app monetization system in which the creator can collect coins donated by the viewers and convert them to diamonds and again convert them to monetary value. In addition, TikTokers can also sell their account, once it has a large number of followers. Byte currently does not have any monetization features, and its account does not have an equal value to TikTok


Both Tiktok, as well as Byte, are available in both the Playstore and the Appstore.TikTok is accessible and downloadable in these two stores around the world. In contrast, the Byte app is not currently available and downloadable globally in the Playstore and Appstore.

Better User Interface

From the detailed analysis in the above segments, there is no doubt Tiktok has a better user interface than Byte. In every section and every option button, you are exposed to more choice of menus and options.

Due to which, users can interact more with every function and feature of the app. While Byte’s interface can be considered simplistic, it lacks the variety of options that TikTok offers. This makes the user feel congested and having a lack of choice control while using the app.


TikTok and Byte both have had a tremendous influence on the current younger generation and various other sectors of society.

Having a TikTok account has started to be a source of connection among peers. You will see lots of teenagers making a TikTok or Byte video in public places.

Most of the mainstream celebrities have TikTok accounts, where they interact with their fans and update their daily routine.

Even the economic and business sectors have not been an exception to the influence of these incredible social media apps. A lot of big brands have opened their TikTok channel to start promoting their product because most of the people are engaged in these two social media apps.

The social media apps like TikTok and Byte have also become a source for monetization to their users. We have already heard about the big-money contract deals from the brands to TikTok stars and Byte stars to promote their products. This also signifies how influential the TikTok Stars are to the current generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Byte The Same As Tiktok?

While in appearance and some features Byte is quite similar to Tiktok, but in precise comparison, Byte is far less flashy, has fewer features, effects, and shorter video length than Tiktok.

Is Byte a Vine version 2?

After the shutdown of Vine by Twitter, Although the creators of the Vine were speculating a version 2, exact dates were not confirmed. As a result,  most of the content creators migrated to Tiktok.

Finally, in the year 2020, a co-creator of Vine Dom Hoffman launched Byte as the resurrection of Vine. The new app is an updated version of Vine with new upgrades like a 15-second video length, endless scrollable content feed, and some notable new features.

Final Verdict

Tiktok and Byte both are one of the current big shots of the social media network. While Tiktok is well established and globally adored, Byte is slowly rising from the shadows of its predecessor.

Comparatively, Tiktok is superior to Byte in features, effects, and app experience and has many active users. In addition, as I already mentioned, this app allows you to make longer videos.

But, with the recent legal controversies regarding the user data used by the Chinese government, Tiktok has faced bans and legal troubles. Due to which users can feel a sense of lack of privacy while on TikTok.

So, if you want to use create longer videos with flashy edits, want more user interface with the app, and have complete trust in the app, Tiktok is the better option for you

While on the other hand, Byte has recently been launched and is gaining old Vine users back as its own as well as new users. The Developers of the app are determined to add more impressive features and effects in the coming future. Also, currently, Byte does not consist of any problems and legal issues regarding any topic.

Finally, if you were previously a Vine user then this app will go down well with your taste, or you simply do not like the flashiness of TikTok, its features and functionality, maybe you are a TikToker from a country where TikTok is facing an impending ban, then Byte app is your best go-to app.