13th South Asian Games – Nepal Highlights

South Asian Games (SAG) is formerly known as SAFG (South Asian Federation Games), is a biennial multi-sport event held among athletes and players from South Asia. It was formed in 1983 AD, and South Asia Olympic Council is the governing body of games played in SAG. In the 32nd meeting, the South Asian Sports Council decided to rename the event from South Asian Federation Games to South Asian Games because the officials believed that the word Federation was diminishing the emphasis on occasion and was a barrier in attracting the crowd.

There is 8 country joining this game, namely NepalBhutanIndiaPakistanBangladeshSri LankaAfghanistan, and the Maldives. Kathmandu, Nepal, in 1984, hosted the first South Asian Games. From 1987 onwards, the SAG game had been held every two years except for some occasions.

Nepal has already organized SAG twice, in the year 1984 AD and 1999 AD, and is hosting for the third time in three districts (City); Kathmandu, Janakpur, and Pokhara. The South Asian Games 2019, 13th edition began on December 1 and will conclude on December 10 with 308events and 26 sports; seven countries are participating, and Afghanistan does not participate in the 2019 South Asian Games.

Update of SAG game Medal till 13thedition.

Sports in South Asian Games in 2019 held in Nepal.

1 Archery
2 Athletics
3 Badminton
4 Basketball
5 Boxing
6 Cricket
7 Cycling
8 Fencing
9 Football
10 Handball
11 Judo
12 Kabaddi
13 Kho-Kho
14 Wrestling
15 Shooting
16 Squash
17 Swimming
18 Table tennis
19 Taekwondo
20 Tennis
21 Triathlon
22 Volleyball
23 Weightlifting
24 wushu
25 Basketball 3*3
26 Beach Volleyball

These are the total 26 sports that will hold In South Asian Games in 2019 in Nepal.

All-time Medal table of South Asian Games.

Till December 1, the following table exists. The next update will be after the end of December 10, 2019, South Asian Game going on in Nepal.

Rank Countries Participated Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 India 14 1100 651 345 2086
2 Pakistan 14 329 417 398 1151
3 Sri Lanka 14 220 361 562 1143
4 Nepal 14 79 122 272 473
5 Bangladesh 14 68 178 404 647
6 Afghanistan 4 20 26 54 100
7 Bhutan 14 2 16 53 71
8 Maldives 14 0 4 9 13

Overall Performance in South Asian Games.

Country Top Place Second Place Third Place
  India 12 Times
Pakistan 7 Times 4 Times
Sri Lanka 4 Times 6 Times
Nepal 1 Times
Bangladesh                      – 2 Times

Update of 13th SAG Game Held in Nepal

The ten days long 13th edition South Asian Games has ended on December 10, 2019, with a massive closing ceremony. Here is the final total medal table of 13th South Asian Games:

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
India 174 93 45 312
Nepal 51 60 95 206
Sri Lanka 40 83 128 251
Pakistan 31 41 59 131
Bangladesh 19 32 87 138
Maldives 1 0 4 5
Bhutan 0 7 13 20

In the beginning, Nepal took the lead in the table; after the third day of SAG, India maintained its dominance at the regional sporting mega-event, and successfully managed its position at the top of the table.

 India finished SAG with a total of 312 medals (174 Gold, 93 silver, and 45 bronze Medals, whereas Nepal achieves the second position in the table securing a total of 206 medals (51 Gold, 60 silver, and 95 Bronze medals). Sri Lanka gathered a total of 251 medals, respectively Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Bhutan were able to collect 1311385, and 20 medals in total. Bhutan, unfortunately, took a bottom position in the table with a null Gold medal.

On the last day of the South Asian Game 13th edition, India collected ten gold medals, whereas Nepal just gathered 2 Gold medals from boxing and football. A huge closing ceremony started with the victory of Home country Nepal against Bhutan in football with 2-1 goals. Fireworks and 200 drones where used in the closing ceremony.

To see the detailed information of the 13th edition SAG game you can visit the official! site of Nepal

We will provide you information about the South Asian Games which will be hosted by Pakistan in 2021. So stay-tune for the updates because we are going to update information through the same article. If you have any questions regarding the table and article you can contact us or visit our official website Onlinehelpguide.

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