How To Get Someone’s IP On Kik? [Tried And Tested Methods]

How To Get Someone's IP On Kik

Do you use Kik regularly? As the app’s main appeal is privacy and anonymity, you don’t know who is behind the screen. Are you talking with certain someone on Kik and want to know more about them and their location? Have you ever heard about Internet Protocol (IP)? By obtaining someone’s IP on Kik, you can get to know which country, city, and many more … Read more

Your Privacy and TikTok: Here’s W...
Your Privacy and TikTok: Here’s What You Need to Know

Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik?

Can my contacts find me on Kik

Kik is one of the most popular apps that allows its users to share pictures, videos, and gifs. The main idea that sets Kik apart from other platforms is that it does not require you to share personal information to connect with strangers except for your username. The fact that Kik keeps you anonymous by sharing the least amount of information is what appeals to … Read more