How to Submit Created Lens to Snapchat 2022 [Get Approved]

Have you ever imagine the Snapchat without any lenses, filters, cameo, and bitmoji? All you get is just a chat section and a normal camera to take a snap and video. It would be pretty awkward and weird seeing that on Snapchat, right?

The point is all the Snapchat features are important to make the app better and engaging, especially the lens and filters. It makes the usual conversation and photo more exciting.

Let me ask you a question, have you ever made your own Snapchat lens on the lens Studio? A tool is basically designed to create a perfect lens for Snapchat. Suppose, you are new on Lens Studio, you somehow finish making a good creative lens. So now what? You have to publish your lens and get in live in order to access it in the Snapchat app, right? Otherwise, you are just spending your quality time for no reason.

Considering that thing, today, we will learn to submit a created lens to Snapchat. Moreover, I have also included the topic to update, deactivate your created lens, and more in this article. So make sure to go through all way from top to bottom.

How to Submit Created Snapchat Lens?

When you finish working on your lens for your Snapchat app, then first, it must be submitted. The reason behind this is for the approval method.

When you submit your created Snapchat lens in Lens Studio, then it queues for the approval process. They will check whether your lens is fulfilling their Performance and Submission Guidelines or not.

Apart from that, when a person completes submit their created Snapchat lens and gets approved then it also provides you a lens scan code or download link. So this way, other Snapchatter can scan your lens and use it on their Snapchat app. In addition, you can also send your lens download link to your friends and family members.

Note: This process is for the Lens Studio tool. 

Now, let’s move to the submission process of your Snapchat lens.

Publish Lens

When you complete finish making your lens on lens Studio, now it’s time to submit your works. So this way, others can see your creativity art or just say lens.

To submit your lens, click on the Publish Lens option from the upper left corner of the screen.

Complete Login Process

Now, users have to complete the login process to make sure that they are using their own lens, not other people.

Suppose you are creating your lens from your friend’s home. You left the laptop open and went to the bathroom. There, your friend makes a move, edit your lens, and publish it. It won’t be good for you right because you have put so much time into making your Snapchat lens. All your time and effort will drown into the water.

So to won’t let that thing happen, lens Studio asks to complete the login process. This way, you can review your project one last time and check everything is good and set.

Now, use your Snapchat login credentials like username and password and access the next process.

Confirm Submission

There are three things which you have to follow in this section.

Lens Tags: You can add tags for your lens by clicking on the Add tags option. What this does is helps other Snapchatter to find your lens on the Snapchat app. Suppose you have created a dog lens for the first time. You want other people to use your lens on their Snapchat. So if you put some tags like a funny dog, shining dog, cute dog, and more keywords related to your dog lens in the tags, then when someone type dog lens, then there a chance that people can also see your lens.

Lens Preview: Lens Studio also recommends adding a preview video of your project. If you already add the video in the Project info section, then you can skip the process; otherwise, put the video. This is method is optional so you can either complete it or leave it.

Submit: Once you completed adding tags and preview video (optional), now click on the Submit button. Now, you have successfully submitted your Snapchat lens, and it went to the review process.

Where to See Your Created Snapchat Lens?

When you submit your lens in Lens Studio by following the step on the above topic, it will be stored in the My Lenses section.

Inside My Lenses, you can see two topics or sections.

Lens Insights

This section usually shows the total number of reach, views, plays, and share of your lens. If people interact with your lens, then you will know the result in Lens Insights. But remember, this is the total result of all your lenses, not an individual. For example, if you have a design 10 lens, then you will get the result from all those lenses at once in this section.

Lens Name

Under the Lens Name, you can find your recent submitted lens. There you can also see that your lens is on review process besides your lens date, which is no yellow circle. So usually, you can find your lens in black and white color, which means it on the review.

You can also see how many people view, share, or plays an individual lens. To do so, click on the horizontal face arrow on the lens.

How Long Does it Take to Review Your Submitted Lens?

When you submit your lens for the review, then it usually takes 1 or 2 hours to complete. But sometimes, you can use your lens within 10 minutes or even less. It depends on your lens and how much you have follows the guidelines of the Snapchat while creating the lens.

How to Know If Your Snapchat Lens is Live?

You have created a lens and also submitted it for the review. But how to know whether it was live or it’s ready to use it on Snapchat?

Let’s say you make that lens for a birthday party. The due date of the birthday is arriving near, but you still don’t whether you can use it or not? It can be really embarrassing if your lens is not ready to apply while taking snaps.

But don’t worry.

In Lens Studio, you can preview your lens if it was ready to use, or you still have to wait until it’s fully prepared.

To do so, all you have to do is head to the “My Lenses.” Under the “lens Name,” if you can see the live status in on your lens, which is on the review process, then it fully ready to use. There is also a small green circle icon beside the live.

Another way, if your lens, which previously was on black and white, turns all colorful and has scan code, then it means it’s ready.

How to Download or Scan Your Created Lens?

When your lens is on live or fully ready to use it on the Snapchat app, then you may want to scan it, right?

You also may want to share the download link of your lens to your friends or other family members to show that you have created an amazing lens.

But how will you complete all those steps? Don’t know?

Then take a closer look.

  1. Move to the My Lenses library.
  2. Now, in the lens Name section, you can find all your lenses which you have created so far.
  3. Click one of the lens which you want to share or scan.
  4. After that, click on the Share option and copy the link.
  5. Now, send it to your friends, and they will download your lens from there.
  6. When you click the download option on mobile, then it will automatically activate on Snapchat.

Alternatively, you can also directly scan the lens, to do so follow the path Snapchat Camera > long-tap on the center of the screen showing your lens > Activate.

So this is the process to download and scan the lens after you submit your custom created lens to Snapchat.

How to Update Your Snapchat Lens?

Let’s say you have successfully submit your created lens to Snapchat and also people are using it on the app. However, you want to make some changes in the lens, but you afraid that it can affect your current lens.

If you are thinking about that situation, then calm down. You can easily update your any lenses without affecting it. In fact, people still can scan or download your lens exiting lens without any issues.

So, in order to update, open your project, and make changes in your lens. After that, submit your lens, which you have previously done. Now, it will again queue for the “In review” that because each time you update the lens each time it goes for the review.

How to Deactivate Your Snapchat Lens on Lens Studio?

Suppose you have created many lenses on the Lens Studio tool. Some of them are good, and some are pretty bad. One day, you are thinking about deleting all the unattractive lenses from the Lens Studio as well as from the Snapchat.

But let me tell you. Instead of deleting, you can deactivate them so that you can make some changes to them in the future.

After you deactivate your lens, it will no longer be available in Snapchat. Besides, whenever Snapchatter tries to scan the code, then it shows the error message.

Note: It may take 10 minutes or even more when you make changes (Deactivate or Activate).

So to deactivate your lens on Lens Studio, follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the Lens Studio.
  2. Go to the My Lenses section.
  3. Select the lens which you want to deactivate.
  4. After that, click on the three horizontal lines beside the share option.
  5. Choose the Deactivate option.

Now, you have successfully deactivated your lens. You can follow the same steps to your other lenses as well.

However, if you change your mind and want to reactivate, then follow the same process and click on the Activate option.

Extra tip, you can also remove your lens forever from the lens Studio if you want. To do so, follow the same steps of deactivating lens. There can find the Delete option just below the Deactivate. So, click on it, and it will erase the lens.

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What to Do if You Receive Invalid Message on your Snapchat Lens?

Suppose you have submitted your lens, and it was on the review. You think that it will be live within 2 hours. You are very excited about your new lens, which you can’t wait to use it on Snapchat or sent it to friends.

But when you check whether it’s ready or not, then instead of live text, you saw an “Invalid” text. There is also a message “This lens has an error. Please open the Preview panel and check the logger panel.

If you have ever been in this situation, there might be some technical issues that cause the error. You also check the “Technical Requirements” for the lens in the Submission Guidelines. Under this, you will see the minimum requirements for your lens, if you didn’t have followed that, it may cause the Invalid error.

However, if your lens matches the requirement, then do contact the Snapchat Support.

What to Do if Snapchat Lens Got Rejected?

Have your new lens got rejected after you put them in the review?

Most of the time, when you didn’t fulfill or violate the community guidelines of the lens, then your lens will get rejected. You will see a red exclamation icon along with Rejected text on your lens. You also can’t unlock your created lens, which you have put so much effort and time to make.

Do you want to see that rejected status on your lens? If not, then make sure to follow the Submission guideless of the lens.

Besides, you also have an opportunity to modify your rejected lens and once again submit it after fixing the lens.

How to Know Your Created Snapchat Lens ID?

When you create a lens, then each lens has its unique identity, which means ID. This helps to identify your lenses when they have a similar name or icon.

So, if you have so many already created lenses on Lens Studio and can’t figure out which one is this or that, then copy the Lens ID.

To do so, open the recently created lens from the My Lenses. Under the Snapcode, click on the Lens ID, and it will be copied to your clipboard. You can also copy it to a separate file and keep it on your computer.


Submitting your created lens to Snapchat is not a big deal, but getting an approval message plays a huge part. It determines whether your lens can be used on Snapchat or not.

So, always pay attention to its lens submission guidelines so that your lens won’t get rejected. However, somehow, it still got rejected then fix your content and re-submit your lens.

Apart from that, share your lens download link or scan the snapcode and enjoy with your other friends taking a perfect snap with your lens.

Do you feel any difficulties while following the above steps? Then do let us know in the comment section. We will fix your problem as soon as possible.

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