Why An Instagram Video Is Not Playing

Why An Instagram Video Is Not Playing

Instagram is now a top video-sharing social platform. People are very fond of sharing photos and videos on Instagram. Instagram is a must these days where people go to update things via Instagram posts, stories, and videos. But sometimes, Instagram videos do not play due to various issues. So, it is better to know why … Read more

How To Make A Fake Instagram Account?

how to make fake instagram account

Instagram lets you speak through your posts as you can post as many pictures and videos as you want. So, you can build a story through your Instagram post or Instagram story. But you cannot visualize your Instagram profile and posts look like from other’s perspectives. For that, you might want to create another fake … Read more

How To Fix Instagram Users Not Found

How to fix Instagram user not found

Instagram is a social platform where you can find 500 million daily active users. On Instagram, you can post pictures or videos, send messages, share stories, and IGTV videos, and search for new people. But sometimes you see ‘User not found’ whom you already know that they are on Instagram. So, here is a guide … Read more

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