OPPO Band Fashion: Everything You Need To Know

OPPO Band Fashion

OPPO Band Fashion is the most recent game-changer in the technological world. Even though it has been in the market for a very little time, it is able to have that name and image as a brand. People choose the OPPO brand over others due to its features and attractive pricing. To put it differently, it has been a new face in the market which is able to capture the interest of fitness enthusiasts all over the world. It is even more interesting to see how it has grown so far with different inventions backed up in its collection.

Being smart is the most wonderful ability that you can have in today’s world when not only a person but also technologies are constantly evolving. You will also encounter the need for fitness to be one of the most key features to success in the busy world. As a result, fitness trackers are being brought into the market to assist you!

When did OPPO Launched A Smart Band?

OPPO entered the fitness band market just recently after the invention of smartwatches in its collection a few months ago. As a matter of fact, it released the three variations: Oppo Band, Oppo Band Fashion, and Oppo Band EVA debuted under fitness bands. Firstly, the variations entered the Chinese market and now they are gradually making its way to the international market. Definitely, the OPPO devices are more attractive in the sense of design, prices as well as features.

What are the features of OPPO Band Fashion?

The features of OPPO smart bands are something that is expected to surpass Redmi Band and Xiaomi Mi Band 4. With the ever-increasing users of smart bands in the world daily, Oppo bands can withstand the expectations that you have towards a fitness band. The following are features of the Oppo Band Fashion:

Design and Display

From the look of Oppo Band Fashion, the exterior screen looks as good as the competitor Xiaomi Mi Band 4 indeed. However, the Oppo Band Fashion has a stainless steel body that makes it more catchy and a visual treat. A 1.1-inch AMOLED display and a 2.5D colorful touchscreen that instantly makes it more attractive than other bands.

What’s more? It guarantees 100% of the P3 color gamut and a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels. You can surely say that it is appealing to your eyes as well as offers you a great visual experience.

Interface and Appearance

It has one of those interfaces that engages you with smart notifications by your side. Another key point is the stainless steel body of the Oppo Band Fashion that amazes you with the variation of two gorgeous colors black and gold with floating strap design.

It will be unfair to say nothing of 160+ band faces that it provides. Just imagine the diversity that this particular band provides to you!

12 Sports mode

Most of the fitness bands lack the functioning of basic fitness tracking. However, you do not have to worry about such things in the Oppo Band Fashion. It gives you an opportunity to be more open to fitness activities while it takes the work in action. In addition, the 12 sports modes not only pushes you to engage in fitness activities but it also motivates you to utilize its functions. Furthermore, you can take into account personalized smart training with the accelerometers that guide you to make your fitness more advanced.

The different sports modes are:

  • indoor run,
  • outdoor run,
  • outdoor walk,
  • indoor cycling.
  • outdoor cycling,
  • fat-reducing running,
  • free training,
  • Badminton,
  • pool swimming,
  • rowing machine,
  • elliptical machine,
  • training assistant.

Supports NFC

Likewise, the next feature of Oppo Band Fashion is supporting NFC. It stands for Near Field Communication. It means that now you can use Oppo Band Fashion to make contactless payments through mobile payments.

Sleep Tracking

Sleep is an essential part of our life and fitness schedule. Nevertheless, people often tend to forget to sleep trapped in their busy schedules and do not even realize it happening. What assists you in this situation to remain healthy then? OPPO Band Fashion Edition tracks sleep as well as your heart rate when you are sleeping. This way you can catch the culprit obstructing your fitness. Moreover, you can pinpoint your sleep problems. Not only this, but Oppo Band Fashion Edition is caring enough to provide valuable tips to help you sleep better.

Heart Monitoring

It is important to realize your health is where your heart is. If you have a heart functioning overtime or not enough, you are likely to either slouch and feel tired or be vulnerable to diseases that follow. OPPO Band Fashion Edition is powered by Apollo 3 chip Professional optical devices which serve you with a 24 hours heart rate monitoring system. Not only this, but it also up to the second heart rate data, day or night with precision.

Measure Blood Oxygen Level with SpO2 sensor

Blood oxygen level determines how much energy you have within you. With this in mind, OPPO Band Fashion Edition has the SpO2 sensor to monitor blood oxygen levels. Not only this, but it senses the saturation of blood oxygen per second. This applies to sleep of 8 hours, and a similar sensation is made every 480 minutes which can reach up to 28,800 times. To emphasize its features, you can now foster better sleeping habits with the Oppo Band Fashion edition.

Water Resistance

Like every other smart band, Oppo Band Fashion also consists of water resistance. You can now go swimming, showering and washing hands from time to time. It can accept the pressure of water up to 50 meters which are standard practice for any fitness tracker with exceptional quality particularly.


In addition to all the features, Oppo Band Fashion connects people with their smartphones. The device adds Bluetooth 5.0 facility so that you can be connected with devices with Android 6.0+ and iOS 10.0+.

Simple functions

By the same token, the Oppo Band Fashion has the likelihood to provide you with other simpler functions like call and message alerts, app notifications, music controls, stopwatch, alarm, weather, and much more. These functions keep you connected to basic smartphone applications and assists you towards success along with fitness significantly.


The battery is another main feature as it capacitates 100 mAH battery with the least of 1.5 hour charging time. If you do charge the battery fully, then it can function up to fourteen days. Certainly, you will not have to worry about the low performance of the fitness tracker in just some days of use.

Design and specifications of the OPPO Band Fashion

Display: 1.1-inch AMOLED color screen display

Activity Tracking: Yes (Sleep Monitoring, Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring, Heart Monitoring, 12 Sports Modes)

Battery: Up to 14 days

Water resistance: Yes (50 meters)

Connection: Android/ iOS

Price: $37-$55

Additional pieces of equipment: Band, Charging base, Quick Start Guide

Available in: Black and Gold

What is the difference between OPPO Band, OPPO Band Fashion, and Oppo Eva Edition?

The OPPO has specialized in three different variations of band namely OPPO band, OPPO Band Fashion, and OPPO Band Eva Edition. These bands have been confused with each other since they were introduced to the market. So, what is the main difference between these, you might ask? The major difference is the strap of the bands. Explicitly, the Oppo Band Fashion comes with a fashionable stainless steel body while Oppo Band has a regular plastic body. Last but not the least, Oppo Band Eva edition has a special band appealing to fans of anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion attached to it.

OPPO Band OPPO Band Fashion Oppo Eva Edition
Plastic band Stainless steel band Special band appealing to fans of anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion
NFC Price: US$ 28 (199 yuan) NFC Price: US$ 35 (249 yuan) NFC Price: US$ 42 (299 yuan)

Is Oppo Band Fashion better than Xiaomi Mi Band 5?

It is hard to argue between these two brands since they both have similar designs to display. However, some functions of the Xiaomi Mi band 5 are better than Oppo Band Fashion. Given these points, they are close competitors regarding their features provision.

Oppo Band Fashion Mi Band 5
Faster touch screen Slower touch screen
Lighter and smaller in appearance Slightly heavier and bigger in appearance
More secure display due to plastic cover around it Less secure display due to glass display
Less responsive to left and right swipes due to plastic cover More responsive to left and right swipes due to glass display
12 different sports modes Only 11 sport modes
Has oximeter function Does not have oximeter function
Requires you to remove the strap for charging, less convenient Does not require you to remove the strap for charging, more convenient

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Why should I choose the Oppo Band Fashion?

As mentioned above, you must find it important to realize what the plus points of the Oppo Band Fashion are. At this instant, it lives up to the expectations that you have with an equally fashionable style to suit your personality as the name suggests.

Similarly, it has a light weighted body with a display and touchscreen that is much faster than other brands. Henceforth, the key point here is that you will be signed up for 12 different and unique sports modes to bring out the fitness freak in you.

Moreover, the oximeter function is something that lacks in the infamous competitor Xiaomi Mi Band 5. So, what are you waiting for? Oppo Band Fashion is the best you can get in the market regarding the functions and appearance.


It is always a tough call when you have numerous amounts of brands, functions, and variations of price to choose from in the market. You might be different and want features that are normally not available to most bands. Though it is always a safer option to choose the band that has much more to offer than most bands. Hence, it might live up to your expectations of a perfect fitness band. We hope that this blog gave you the knowledge of what Oppo Band Fashion splendidly presents to you as a fitness band.

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