How to Use Lens Web Builder to Make Snapchat Lens [Updated 2022]

With the Snapchat Lens, it drives remarkable engagement and quite interaction in the app. It is popular among all the Snapchat users from the teenager to adult. Just open the front camera and let the lens do the job to add a digital effect on your photo or video.

Previously Snapchat provides a great option to create custom Snapchat lenses with the help of Lens Studio. That’s because the AR lens has taken quite a place in the virtual digital world. Lots of people enable their businesses and private brands by joining the lens studio, still nowadays.

After getting success with its lens studio, now Snapchat has announced another breathtaking new product called Lens Web Builder. The reason behind creating the Lens Web Builder is simple; instead of hiring a high-level designer for AR now, anyone can interact with lens creation. This means, even a shapchatter can make their own compelling lenses in minutes without buying. More importantly, it also helps to raise your private AR business fast and free.

How’s that sound? Quite interesting and fun, right?

Now, if you are excited about creating your custom Snapchat lenses on Lens Web Builder for huge engagement in the Snapchat app or just for fun, then stick with this article. You are about to give life to regular normal photos and videos.

But hold on, don’t get in a hurry. Before moving to the actual topic, why not know even more about Lens Web Builder and why you need to use it.

What is Lens Web Builder?

Lens Web Builder is the Snap.Inc web-based AR lens program. It allows the users or creators to quickly make any custom AR lens as well as an AR lens campaign for ads. If you are thinking about building your own ads campaign in the world of AR, then lens Web Builder is perfect for you.

The user interface of the tool is simple, free, and fast, which is just what we needed to create our AR lens for Snapchat.

Users can start designing AR lens either from scratch or pre-made templates in a minute. So, basically, you can choose the option according to your needs. You are in a hurry and need to job done quickly; then templates are a pretty good option. However, if you have time and work is for a small advertising company designing from the beginning will help you a lot.

Likewise, a tool allows you to choose 2D as well as 3D objects, effects, animation, editing tools, and more. You can even use your 2D logo and customize your AR lens.

In addition, create an affordable 3D AR lens and eliminate the highly skilled people and big creator companies. You also don’t have to use other third-party software, which is only used for 3D creation. So Lens Web Builder will save both time and money.

Another best part of Lens Web Builder is that users don’t have to download the application, all you have a login to Snapchat Ads Manager and launch the Lens Web Builder. We will see this part later on.

Why Lens Web Builder is Important?

The real perception of the AR is kind of costly in terms of investment, time, and effort. So considering that thing, Snapchat launches the significant “lens Web builder” to reduce overall negative impact and focuses on the quality AR content.

Around 75% of Snapchat daily users are now involved with the AR lens content every day. More than 75 thousand lenses are already created with Lens Studio to provide fun to Snapchatters. This means, now Lens Web Builder is also the best option for people out there who don’t know to make lenses using other software.

On the other side, tools are also a good way to test any new lens concepts or to have a virtual look before handling to the customer.

Difference Between Lens Web Builder and Spark AR

Many people are asking so many questions about the new lens Web Builder and Spark AR. One of them is they are similar or acquired by the same company.

So, here’s your answer.

Both of the Lens Web Builder and Spark AR works similarly and have almost the same functions. The only difference lies in its platform and user interface. Lens Web Builder is basically designed for Snapchat, whereas Spark AR works for Instagram and Facebook.

Now, got cleared over these two AR lens tool?

Who Can Access Lens Web Builder?

If you are wondering who can access lens Web Builder then let me tell you one thing. Anyone can become a member or access the Lens Web Builder tool from the Snapchat Ads campaign.

It depends on the permission that how many features that you can access.

Account Admin: If you are an account admin then you can create and also review your lens. It’s your account anyway so the lenses will be in your control.

Campaign Manager: When you are starting the AR lens ads campaign then he/she can also create or check the lens on Snapchat Ads website.

Data Manager: If the lens is created and it’s time to view then your data manager can only examine the lens.

Creative Manager: Creative manager can also work as a designing and review person.

Data Analyst: Only a person can analyze your final lens; nothing more than that.

How to Access Lens Web builder?

Are you ready to put your creativity on the lens?

If yes, then before you move to make one first, you have to access o launch the Lens Web Builder. Without creating the lens Web builder tool, you cannot have permission to make Snapchat lenses. So, it’s important to first complete this process.

You might be wondering how to launch a lens Web Builder? I even don’t know where to go and what to do. Calm yourself and relax. Just look at the following method down below.

Creative Library  

If you want to access Lens Web Builder via a creative library, then follow the following steps.

  1. Type for direct access to the campaign page.
  2. Login with your Snapchat username and password.
  3. Go to the upper left corner menu and select the Creative Library option.
  4. Now, click on New Creative.
  5. On a new page, you can find lots of options to choose from; among those options, click on the AR lens.
  6. After that, you have to provide the lens detail like Name, Brand name.
  7. Once completed, click on the Create under Lens Media section.
  8. Now, you have successfully launched the Lens Web Builder.

Feel any difficulties while following the steps? If yes, then once again, look at the above steps; otherwise, it’s time to move to another step where you can actually work on creating the lens.

How to Make Snapchat Lenses Using Lens Web Builder?

The above methods which you have followed are to just activate your lens Web Builder. Now, here comes a real deal where you have to put your creativity.

As we move forward to design Snapchat lenses, lens Web Builder provides us two options, either to Start with a Templates or start from Scratch.

Which one are you going to choose?

To make you simple and easy, let’s try out both options, Shall we?

Start with a Template

Templates are for those who are new and just want to have fun by creating lenses for Snapchat. This is basically designed to give users an easy interface without putting any extra effort. But don’t think that templates are not good. They do have pretty good features and editing options, which are just enough to make an amazing lens.

Now, if you are ready, then let’s get started.

Use Business Logo

Lens Web Builder also lets the users add their business logo on the lens. Suppose you are working in an office and there is a huge party coming. At that time, you might surely take a snap using filters and lens.

So why not put your company logo on the lens which you are making?

Your boss will sure like this idea, and maybe you will get promoted. If not, then you will become a start on your group of friends.

So choose the logo, drag it, and place it at a suitable place. You can also skip that part if you don’t like to put any logo.

Tip: Use the png format photo so it will look better on your lens

Choose the Templates 

Here you can find lots of pre-created templates for your Snapchat lens. You can choose any templates you want or try them all. If you are still not satisfied, then search for your relevant templates from the search bar. An option is located in the upper section just below the templates.

Select Category

A tool also lets you select the category. This means it will be easier for you to find the exact templates which you are looking for.

There are various category options available such as Food and Beverages, Beauty, Animal, Jewelry, Emotion, Celebration, and more. Just pick one of your favorite categories and start making lens.

Make Customize

Want a little bit more spice in your Snapchat lens then head to the customize tab. There you can add text and also four different images. Whether it’s a png, jpeg, gif, character, or sticker, lens web builder support all of them.

Test Live your lens

After your lens is all completed and if you want to preview it, whether it’s looking good or not, then you can test live your lens. It helps to find out any mistakes or misses you have done while customizing your lens.

So, click on the Try Your Lens Live option just above your lens panel. But remember, you have to open your Snapchat in order to preview your lens. You will get a notification when your lens is ready for preview. So once you get a notification, then tap on it and check your lens.

Note: You also have to log in to Snapchat Ads Manager in your phone; otherwise, it works; means you cannot make a preview. 

However, if you are making your lens from the computer, then you cannot preview your lens. How can you get a notification without connecting with your mobile, make sense?

Choose Your Lens Name and Icon

If you are happy with your work, then click on the Next button from the right lower side. After that, provide a name for your lens. A name will help the other Snapchat users to find your lens in the lens explorer.

You also have to upload a lens icon so that it will be easier to search your created lens on the lens carousel. It helps to indicate your lens on Snapchat.


Finally, publish your lens, and it will be saved to the Creative Library. From there, you can use the lens when you are creating an ads campaign.

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Start from Scratch

In this section, you will find an even more advanced editing option. Let’s say you don’t like any of the templates or have your own amazing idea for the lens; then it will get fulfilled in this advanced editing section.

You can get hands-on different customizable options such as effects, Make-up, Mouth and chin, Eyes and Nose, Top of the head. You can even get to add a visual effect on your lens. How cool is that?

Another best part of this section, which I personally like, is adding sound in your lens. Yes, you read the right line. You can give life to your Snapchat lens, which can attract lots of Snapchatters. All you have to do is upload the m3p music, and your job is done.

Note: Do not upload the music of another person. What I mean by this is you can’t upload music from Youtube and any other site which has copyright law. You will be in great trouble if you copy the music of someone’s and use it in your lens. Only licensed music and sound can be used or unrestricted. So, always keep this thing in your mind.

Why Can’t I Use Lens Web Builder?

Suppose you are so excited to make the Snapchat lens on Lens Web Builder. You open your laptop or mobile and search for the site which I have provided above. But there comes trouble. How many times you try to open the Snapchat Ads page, but it won’t open. It keeps loading and loading and loading but goes nowhere.

You probably might have thought that your internet connection is slow, which causes this issue. But you find out that your connection is not bad, in fact, it’s really good.

So how comes the page is not loading or opening?

Well, if you have stuck in this situation, then don’t worry or get angry. Just relax and use VPN (Virtual Private Network).

You might be thinking, why should I use the VPN; it’s not an illegal site or blocked site.

Here’s your answer, Lens Web Builder is a recently launched tool by Snap.Inc. So, maybe a company didn’t allow all countries to access it. Maybe it’s on the testing phase or something like that. So, if the Snapchat Ads campaign is not loading in your country, then try out the VPN. It will definitely work.

Now, thank me. Just kidding!


So this way, anyone can use the Lens Web builder tool to make a perfect Snapchat lens. All the process is simple and easy to interact with. Most importantly, it’s free to use.

If you think you can create your own custom lens, step forward, and show your creativity.

Besides, it will be easier for you to use this tool from your mobile device. That’s because you can preview the lens and also the fasted way to upload in your Snapchat. If you work from the computer, then it’s a little bit lengthy process. So choose whichever option that makes you comfortable.

Show us your created lens in the comment section down below. We also like to see your creativity.