How to Find Current WiFi Password on Laptop With Windows 10

How to Find Current WiFi Password on Laptop with windows 10

Find your Current Wifi password on windows 10 with the help of our article. Go through from top to bottom for the best result. Are you still using the Wifi password, which your ISP gave you on the back of the router? If yes, then you might already see the password written in a really long combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. These combination is … Read more

How to Create Virtual Machine in Windows 10 Without Third-party Software

How to Create Virtual Machine in Windows 10 Without Third-party Software

In terms of Virtual machine, a different workstation platform using multiple operating systems can be expensive if you want to work with both Windows and Linux. That’s because you may need an extra hard drive to support both of your OS. Besides, not everyone can afford two PC for their separate works, right? But if you are using Windows 10 OS on your computer, then … Read more

Windows 11: Concept and Features That Might Comes True


So you have heard about the new Windows 11 and get curious about how the new Windows 11 does look like? Is this true that we can get hands-on Windows 11? If yes, then when will be the release date, and How about its features? Well, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed about releasing the new Windows 11, but somewhere we heard that it might come in the … Read more

Windows 10 November 2019 Update

Windows 10 November 2019 Update

With over 900 million devices operating on Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft released its newer update, and they are calling it  Windows 10 version 19H2, or Windows 10 November 2019 Update. Hello everyone, this is Alex from Online Help Guide. And today I am going to give a brief introduction or let say guide on the new update 2019. Note: The latest windows 10 November 2019 … Read more

Migrate Windows To A New Hard Drive Without Losing Personal File

Migrate Your Windows To A New Hard Drive Without Losing Your Personal File

Almost everyone in this entire world is aware of the Windows operating system. If not, then here is the quick introduction about this conquering Operating System (OS). Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows, generally known as Windows or Win, is a group of closed source graphical operating systems designed and produced by the one and only Microsoft Corporation. This is a user-friendly OS that offers an innovative … Read more

How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

You have bought a new computer; it is likely running Windows 10 Home running in that device. Now you need an upgrade from home to pro version because the Pro version of Windows 10 is definitely slightly better than home edition. So, in this article, I am going to teach you how to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro version. What’s the Difference Between Windows … Read more

Why and How to partition hard drive without formatting

disk management|partition hard drive without formatting

Disk Partitioning, also known as disk slicing is the process of creating one or more regions on secondary storage. The regions created on the secondary storage are known as partitions. You can manage your hard disk drive by shrinking, extending, deleting, creating partitions and change partition size, label, even location, etc. And best of all, you can even partition hard drive without formatting. Here I … Read more

How to Burn ISO File on a USB Flash Drive on Windows 10/8/7

burning usb flash drive using diskpart method

ISO file is a popular file format which was previously used on CDs, DVDs or Blue-ray Disc. An ISO file is an archive file that contains an identical copy of a data on an optical disc; that is why ISO files are also known as ISO image. The generation of CDs and DVDs are long gone; people are often using a flash drive to transfer … Read more