Photo Editing Apps: 17 Best Apps To Choose From [2022]

Photo Editing Apps: 17 best apps in Asia

Photo editing has become one of the most important parts of social media. The best way to look good and professional is because of the photo editing apps that we see people use these days. Not just only filters but also creative ideas of making one photo a work of art. To accomplish this, you’ll need a good photo editing app. Here, we have a list of the best photo editing apps we can find in the google play store as well as the app store.


MeituPic is one of the photo editing apps from the company Meitu, it was founded in October 2008 and has become one of China’s top AI-driven technology and social communities. This app changes the way people portray themselves to look professional and charming.

MeituPic is a photo-editing app that allows users to edit their photos which are then later posted on social media platforms. This app also allows users to tweak their facial structures with the tools that are present in the app. Not only this app but Meitu has another beauty enhancement app to choose from.

Meitu is endorsed by celebrities and influencers and is overall a perfect beauty camera app to customize your pictures.

Key Features


10+ Unique effects to animate the way you look so you don’t look dull anymore.

Art Photo Effects

Illustrate your images by adding the art effects present inside the app.

Manual Edit

From auto beautification to manual, you can manually adjust the lighting conditions and add stickers to your images. Furthermore, you can manually apply the filters after they are captured to make it look stunning.

Face Retouch Features

You can customize the way your face looks by the face retouch feature. You can make yourself slim and modify every part of your body with the retouch features to make you look sensational.

From skin smoothing to the tone of the image, you can also remove the unwanted acne or scars, spots, etc. You can enlarge your eyes or make them small, remove dark circles, and also change the body posture.

Easy and Fun

You can share your work with only a tap of the screen. It’s easy to use and you can also compare your work with the original photo so that you can see the difference.

You can instantly share your photos with friends through social media.

Artificial Intelligence

With AI being more and more popular, people started implementing beauty apps as well which lets you detect your face and add filters and stickers accordingly.

Download link:

Play Store:

App Store: ‎‎Meitu on the App Store (

Camera 360

Camera 360 is one of the popular photo editing apps and the earliest of the time. This photo editing app was an app created by Pinguo Technology, established in Chengdu. This app is used by celebrities to promote their TV and movie series in the Chinese market. The user base of this application is over 1 billion users worldwide which is an insane number.

This application allows people to choose filters that most celebrities use in their social media. It has a variety of filters that you can choose from which makes your skin smoother and look stunning. This app also lets you put sticker options which are rare for some editing apps these days.

It is available both to Android as well as iOS users.

Key Features

One-touch Beauty

With a tap, you can instantly turn your photo into something totally different. A single touch lets you add filters that can brighten up your photos and make them look cool.

Shape Up The Face And Body

With Camera 360 you can shape up your face however you want. You can manually select the parts you want to edit and protect the parts you don’t want to. Becoming beautiful has never been so easy.

Magic Sky

This feature allows you to turn a pale sky into something like in a movie. You can choose between different styles such as dreamy sky, anime sky and also make it look magical the way you like.

Manual Edit

This is one of the important features of any photo editing app. This feature allows you to mess around with your photos manually. With this, you can tweak your photo however you like according to your taste and trending styles. You’re your own artist when it comes to manual editing in a photo. You can adjust saturation, hue, color temperature, and detailed color expression. Use your imagination on bringing 300+ filters to create your own masterpiece.

Anime Effect

As cartoon filters are gaining popularity, these app makers are implementing anime effects to look a lot like your favorite anime character. Not necessarily an important feature but it’s good to have and it makes one’s photo stand out from the rest.

Natural Makeup

With filters that look artificial and easy to distinguish, Camera 360 has over 30 makeup filters that you can further customize and style it the way you want. You don’t need to worry about filters looking artificial because this app has a variety of natural category to choose from

Short Movies

Another cool feature about Camera 360 is, this app has short movies. You can take 10 to 60 seconds of short movies with those amazing filters and stickers at the same time. This is one feature that many of the photo editing apps don’t deliver.

Download Link:

Play Store: Camera360 – Photo Editor + Camera & Sweet selfies – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎Camera360-Selfie Retouch on the App Store (

Cymera Photo Editor

Cymera is a South Korean photo editing app that offers you a lot with editing and bringing colors to your raw photos. It’s a bit complicated to use and requires you a few clicks but once you get the hang of it, the results might shock you. You can play with the liquify feature, instafit, makeup, and many more.

Cymera also allows for collages with amazing filters and stickers. You can also create a frame around your photos. Cymera has around 330million downloads in 2018 and is still growing. It is both available on the Android and iOS platforms.

Key Features

Beauty Camera

You already know by now that most of these photo editing apps come with a beauty camera to make you look slim, remove dark circles, wrinkles from your face. But Cymera offers you hundreds of amazing beauty filters that make your photos simply stunning to look at.

It also adds makeup so you don’t need to worry much about it when clicking pictures because it automatically adds makeup to retouch your face.

Amazing Filters

Filters are simply amazing in this app. There are over 150 filters to choose from with extra filter packages you can download later. There are variations as well such as vintage collection, beauty collection, or film effects. These filters look professional and the lens flare effects add reality to the image.

Many Camera Lenses

Numerous photo editing apps don’t allow for multiple lens options but Cymera has got your back with 7 different lenses ( Divided lense/ Lomo/ monochrome/ Fisheye and many more) these lenses can be used to take stunning shots of landscapes and portraits as well.

Easy Collage

With Cymera making a collage has never been so easy. There are many photo collage options to choose from. You can customize, resize, edit margins, and patterns the way you like. You can also combine up to 9 photos in one collage.

Retouch and Fast Editing Tools

Retouch feature in an editing app lets you change the way a person looks. By enlarging the eyes, smile, and make one person slim. There are 200 different kinds of natural hair and makeup items that you can use to stand out from the rest.

Smart Gallery

You can organize your edited photos with the smart gallery that is built into the application. You can organize the photos by date, location, or selfies and you can set your edited photos as wallpapers too.

Download link:

Play Store: Cymera Camera – Collage, Selfie Camera, Pic Editor – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎Cymera on the App Store (

B612-Beauty Filter Camera

B612 was launched on August 13 2014 and quickly became a hit for a wide audience. This camera app allows people to have exclusive AR filters or real-time filters. The effects that you choose are shown in the viewfinder that helps to know what you’re actually doing. This application is available to both Android and iOS users.

Key Features

Wide Range Of Stickers

There are over 1500 different stickers to choose from. It lets you turn into an animal or hide your insecurities. There are stylish analog filters that bring light to your day. It also lets people draw in the photo to enhance the photo the way you like.

Real-time beauty Effects

With Real-time beauty effects, you can get perfect skin to match your personality in real-time. You can later change the filter if it doesn’t suit you. You can also find your ideal face shape by just sliding.

Create Short Movies

Create your own short movie by adding music to bring life to your videos. You can choose from diverse effects and playback speeds for dynamic music videos for your social media.

AR Ready

Augmented reality features can be used in this app to make you turn into a cute character using AR stickers. You can use the editing tools and boomerang videos to play it on a loop.

Download Link:

Play Store: B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera – Apps on Google Play
App Store: ‎B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera on the App Store (

SNOW Photo editor

SNOW is another great photo editing application used by many celebrities. This camera app has over 200 million users around the world. This app is known for its cute and fun processing capabilities. You can even get retro looks with this camera app.

It is available both on iOS and android.

Key Features

Custom Beauty Effects

SNOW allows for a custom beauty effect that you just created and save it for later use. You can also set it as a favorite and use it on the go.

AR Makeup

With AR growing more and more, you can use this in the SNOW app to make yourself take a worthy selfie with stylish AR makeup features.

Numerous sticker options

There are thousands of stickers that you can choose from. These stickers update every day so every other day you can expect new stickers and save the ones you like for later use.

Professional photo edits

Manual edits are also present in this editing app. With this, you can create your own set of edits and save them as presets for later use. With only a few taps one can get varieties of edits that can be applied to the photo itself.

Download Link:

Play Store: SNOW – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎SNOW – Beauty & makeup camera on the App Store (


This particular photo editing app is not used for a living being but for food. Yes, there are apps that let you make your food come to life. There are over 30 professional filters and editing options for adjusting the contrast and sharpening the subject.

Don’t misunderstand but this app can also be used to edit a person’s photo. Korean celebrities are very fond of this app and use it in their day to day life.

Both iOS and Android are supported for this app.

Key Features

Professional Live Filters

As this app is specifically made for foodies out there, you have filters specifically made for a certain type of food. This includes, Yum, Tropical, Sweet, BBQ, Romantic, Crispy, and many more.

Specifically Made For Food

This is a feature of its own, you can season videos with tasteful live filters and give your photos and videos the charm they need.

Mute Option

This option allows you to take videos of food while maintaining the background noises in a busy restaurant. This is a handy feature that other apps should implement as well.

Scene Optimizer

This feature allows you to detect the scene or the environment and enhance it accordingly to give your photos a movie like a charm. It also helps detect the food and gives proper adjustment to the colors and sharpness it.

Share Photos to Social Network

Directly share your masterpiece on Facebook, Instagram, and more with few easy steps.

Download link:

Play Store: Foodie – Camera for life – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎Foodie – Camera for life on the App Store (

Gudak Cam

Gudak Cam can simply be taken as the retro cam. This camera app captures 80’s like pictures which gives you a retro look. The name Gudak has been derived from the Korean word Gudakdari which means outdated.

Later in the days when people used to wait 3 days just to get a single photo printed out for themselves. It’s the same feeling as this one you need to wait 3 days for a photo to fully develop giving users the feel of the ’80s.

This cam gives you a roll of 24 photos to take through a tiny viewfinder. Like the old days, you have to wait 12 hours before you can start a new roll. This is because it needs time to process where it’ll develop in 3 days.

This app is available both on android and iOS devices.

Key Features

Vintage filters

Yes, the only benefit of an analog camera like the app is the vintage photos that you get from the app. There are many choices in other apps where you’re confused most of the time about what filters to use. But this comes in with simplicity and the feel of the ’80s where you have to wait several days for an image to develop.

Download Link:

Play Store: Gudak Cam – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎Gudak Cam on the App Store (


FacU is an app for those who are video calling every day. It is focused more on social features such as video calls with fun stickers along the way. This app was introduced in 2016. With over, 300 million registered users this is one of the most enjoyable apps among major camera applications.

Key Features

Over 1000 Special Sticker

If you love cats and dogs there are tons of effects that you might like with 3D effects. They’re constantly updating the stickers so that you can get a new one every day.

Retouching Features

Retouching allows you to adjust the skin level from 1 to 5 this allows you to get rid of pimples and scars and also with a variety of face shapes.

Professional Filters

Professional photographers are behind the professional filters of this app. Choose between 30 different filters that are available to you.

Short Movies

Short movies are also possible with more than 100 music packs and stickers that can be used for background music.

GIF emoji

Create your own GIF emoji using FaceU. These GIF emoji are used worldwide that helps you display your facial expression in an amusing way.

Download Link:

Play Store: FaceU – Inspire your Beauty – Apps on Google Play
App Store: ‎FaceU – Inspire your Beauty on the App Store (

Makeup Plus

Makeup Plus is another great app for editing your photos. This app lets you completely stylize your look and create your own signature look. It makes you try on complete looks then mix and match with fun stickers and other accessories. There are over 50 million users and it is consistently growing.

You can glam up your looks instantly with a few touches. Makeup Plus has worked with professional makeup artists and beauticians to create a personal makeup advisor within the app.

Key Features

Mix and Match

You can add additional mix and match full-face makeup looks with fun stickers on board. This app also allows for an instant preview of the photo with glamorous makeovers with retro styling.

Touch Up

Touch up is an essential feature required in most photo editing apps. You can customize it the way you want. For instance, you can change the eye size, your hair color, or even get a slimmer face shape. All these with just a few clicks.

You can put on contact lenses with the color of your choice to enhance your eyes. Moreover, this app is available both on Android and iOS platforms.


Beautification filters are available in hundreds so that you don’t miss out on looking stunning. You can apply various filters and makeovers present in the app and also download packages where you can find the filter of your choice.

AR Ready

Try out the AR features with the screen displaying the real-time effect of a filter with the AR camera. You can see how a specific makeup will look on you in real-time.

Download Link:

Play Store: MakeupPlus – Your Own Virtual Makeup Artist – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎MakeupPlus – Virtual Makeup on the App Store (

Pitu Photo Editor

Pitu is an app that is created by the well-known Internet giant Tencent. This app offers various filters for beautification and makeup options that you can choose from. Like other apps, this app also uses AR to detect the surroundings and provide a better live view of the filters you apply.

Pitu was launched in 2014 and since then it has a user base of 106 million users who are actively using this app. The main target of this app is mostly young females.

This app is available on both Android and iOS.

Key Features

Story Collage

Story collage is a feature where you can have templates and a watermark. Pitu also allows for a personal photo wall to which you can upload pictures and relive the past story.

Beauty Cam

Beauty cam is an essential feature of any photo editing app. You can mess around with portrait, face slimming, real-time makeup, and a dynamic range of stickers. This app allows for 3D masking your face and applying filters in a very accurate way.

Manual Edit

If you don’t like the automatic filters that get kind of weird sometimes, you can manually edit your photos add stickers, and mess around with the density of effects that you want. You can also add blur, intelligent lighting, rotating, cropping into your image, and many more.

GIF emoji

GIF emoji is one of the most trending and popular ways of expressing one’s emoticon. You can even customize the GIF menu where you can find tons of new GIFs for you to try on.

Download Link:

Play Store: Pitu – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎Pitu – Best selfie-and PS Soft on the App Store (

Line Camera

Line camera is a flagship high-end editing app that has tons of features packed in. It has over 5000 stamps, 30 filters, and even brushes for manually editing your photos. This app has over 100 million downloads. So you know it’s going to be a good photo editing app.

Moreover, the powerful editing tools that are featured within the app can help you be an artist of your own. The collage feature and retouch features stand out in this app and you can do much more with the Line camera.

Key Feature

Add Text

With the Line camera, you can add text to your images to give your photo a caption and relevant message you want to convey to the viewers. Add catchy slogans, scribbles, or even make a meme with this feature. There are tons of fonts to choose from and you can even download many from the app itself.


Brushes can help your art in the image you want to edit. You can draw whatever you feel like, be creative, and design your own image. There are many brushes to choose from where you can even customize their size and color.

Stamps and Stickers

Stamps and stickers are a must for any photo editing app. There are over 20,000 stamps that you can choose from and many more yet to be discovered. Decorate your photos with colorful stamps and stickers to showcase your true personality.


We all know that college is an important feature in a photo editing app. Combine multiple photos into one with the Line camera. You can create a perfect collage of different photos to relive the memories when you look back on it.

Download Link:

Play Store: LINE Camera – Photo editor – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎LINE Camera – Photo editor on the App Store (


PicMix is a great photo editing app with the best online editor and collage maker for creating an amazing layout for your photos. This app has a good rating in the play store as well as the app store and is packed with tons of features. It has tools that can create beautiful effects with overlays and frames. It even has red eyes removal option which might come in hand sometimes.

Key Features

Add Text and stickers

Like the Line camera, you can add text to your photos through this app. PicMix allows users to customize the fonts and stylize the way your photos look. There are numerous fonts to choose from and you can even get more from within the app via download.

Auto Blur Background

This feature allows users to get a bokeh effect with the help of AR and edge detection feature that is built-in within the app. You can get cool effects like a professional camera.

Adjusting filters

Adjusting filters is a very useful tool to have on a photo editing app. This tool allows one to adjust the intensity of a filter to a point where you can basically have your own filter build by just moving the slider.


With this feature, you can draw anything you want on your preferred image. For instance, you can draw yourself into a cute animal or even challenge your imagination.

Download Link:

Play Store: PicMix Photo Editor: Photo Art Editor – Apps on Google Play


If you’re one of those people who watch a lot of anime or read manga, this editing app is for you. This app was developed in Japan which allows the camera interface to act as a manga book.

Key Features

Manga Filter Effects

Manga cam’s most prominent feature is the manga effect of course. You can customize your looks so that you can become an anime character in a book. There are over 20 frames you can choose from. Once you take the photo in a frame and you don’t like it, you can change the frame anytime you want.

Adjust Filters Parameters

You can adjust the effects of the filter according to your likings.

Share the photos

Share your photos on social media platforms right away through the camera app or just save the photo on your device if you wish to.

Download Link:

Play Store: Manga Camera – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎Manga-Camera on the App Store (

Photo Wonder

Photo wonder is a Chinese photo-editing app acquired by Baidu. It has the same features as the other apps we talked about but in a new style. It has filters that look realistic and stickers that add a personality to your photo.

Photo wonder allows the user to see the filter before taking the picture and has a collage feature that is most commonly used these days.

It has around 1 million over downloads and is available both on Android and iOS platforms.

Key Features


Over 150 variations of collage to choose from.


You can just simply use gestures to control the interface of the app. With this, you can easily resize your photos by pinching to zoom out or stretching the image. Rotate them with two fingers and tap and hold to move the image back of the collage.

Pip Camera Style

Creating a funky style image has never been so easy. With over 100+ styles to choose from, you can create your own preferred filter and effects which turn into a professional photo.

Manual Edit

Be your own artist where you can use your own imagination to create a suited filter for that particular scene. Using gestures to adjust filters and add tons of background frames and decorations such as stickers to make you look professional.

Download link:

Play Store: Photo Wonder – Collage Maker – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎Photo Wonder on the App Store (

Pip Camera Photo Editor

Pip camera is the most popular editing app for your selfies and landscape photos with amazing filters and effects. This app allows you to make you and your photos different from what you were used to seeing. It gives you beautiful camera effects with creative frames and blurry effects. With over 1 million downloads it is one of the popular apps to edit your photos.

Key Features

Change Foreground, Background Image

Choose your image and just adjust the foreground image with a simple touch. This feature comes in handy when you need to adjust the photo after the shot is taken according to your needs.

Create Album

You can create your own photo album within the apps to see the edited photos and even save them to edit for later use. This feature is useful to manage and organize the photos that you take.

Blur Photo

Adjusting the blur effect has never been so easy with the Pip camera. Manually adjust the slider to increase or decrease the bokeh effect you see on a professional camera.

Variety Of Photo Effects

There are tons of effects to choose from with the Pip camera. From a simpler style to cartoony effects this app won’t let you down in terms of photo effect.

Download Link:

Play Store: PIP Camera Photo Editor – PIP Photo 2020. – Apps on Google Play

App Store: ‎PIP Camera Pro. on the App Store (


Decopic, as suggests by the name is a photo editing app that simply helps you decorate your photos. From resizing your photos to artistic frames, this app has a whole new level of decorations to choose from. With having over 28 million downloads Deco pic was top of a line editing app.

You could say this was one of the most fun to use and customizable packed editing apps but this app has been discontinued in 2016.


Cameran was developed by a Japanese photographer who liked decorations. This app allowed people to choose a sticker and then click on it for different variations of the sticker.

For instance, if you choose a flower and click on it and you will see different arrangements made to the flower. It also allowed users to randomize the selection process which made them get more ideas about the photo.

Sadly, this app is no longer in use and has been discontinued for a long time.


Beauty camera apps or photo editing apps are becoming more and more popular in recent years. The entire social world depends on these photo editing tools. They are used by companies and these apps take advantage of some of the user’s taste and hobby. It then gets converted into the main source of digital marketing. Here, the above-mentioned lists are some of the most popular and best photo editing apps you can find in Asia. Each one of them performs well in its own space and each one has some distinct features to make them stand out from the rest.

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