Amazing: OnePlus 7T will have Warp Charge 30T with 23% Faster Charging Speed

Warp Charge 30T | OnePlus 7T series

OnePlus launched Dash Charge on OnePlus 3 for the first time that charged the phone 63% of a full charge in just 30 minutes. Likewise, OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro had Warp Charge 30 that took 20 minutes to fill almost half of OnePlus 7Pro’s battery which is the same as you saw in OnePlus 6T. And now, with the evolving technology, OnePlus has brought up with new charging technology, Warp Charge 30T. You will see warp charge 30T on OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro. The charger will have the capability to charge your phone 23% faster than the previous version warp charge 30, confirms OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau.

Pete Lau just showed off the design of the charger with warp charge 30T this week. However, besides the charging technology, we don’t have any other specifications or the leaks about the charger. We have the information about the blue matte-frosted back glass and the OnePlus 7T fast charging technology, warp charge 30T.

Here are leak and rumors about the new flagship killer OnePlus 7T series.

What is Warp Charge?

The name, Warp Charge 30 can be distinguished into two parts “warp” which is used to describe an insanely fast charging speed that is used in sci-fi space movies. And “30” which is a power rating in watts that the charger uses. So far the Warp Charge 30 was the fastest charging technology by OnePlus Device that didn’t heat up while charging. This is because of power management in OnePlus device that transfers heat to the wall adapter instead of the phone.

 Highlights OnePlus Revealed About OnePlus 7T Series

  • OnePlus will get the 90 Hz refresh rate display, now enjoy your smoother gameplay,
  • OnePlus will feature smooth matte surface with a brilliant blue metallic radiance,
  • Both the smartphones, OnePlus 7T, and the 7T Pro will get Warp Charge 30T technology,
  • OnePlus 7T Series teaser suggests the Warp Charge 30T charges your OnePlus 7T series phone with 0-60% in 30 minutes.

OnePlus 7TReveal About Warp Charge 30T

In an interview with OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, Lau told TechRadar that “Warp Charge 30t in OnePlus 7T Pro offers the best charging solution for the real-world usage”. He added, “the phone will charge 23% faster speed than its previous device even while using the device.

Warp Charge 30 in OnePlus 7 Pro charged the phone quickly. The test revealed the phone charged from 0-50 percent in 23 minutes and 0-100 percent in an hour. And now OnePlus 7t Pro’s Warp Charge 30T is said to be better than that.

Lau also explained why the charging technology didn’t come in the previous generation OnePlus phone. He said, “We are not going to introduce something for the sake of being first.” The OnePlus team time to refine and iterate the charging technology so that it won’t hamper the brand due to one simple mistake. That means the Warp Charge 30T was already there when they introduced the previous flagship smartphone. Lau added, “We continuously tested the charging technology until we were able to achieve something we were proud to provide to our fans.”

Unlike most fast charging technology, like that of Huawei and Samsung, OnePlus uses a different technology that is always better and charges the phone is faster. Additionally, OnePlus device doesn’t heat up while charging the phone and operating the phone at the same time. Lau says ”Warp Charge 30 has power management inside the power brick instead of adding it inside the phone which keeps the phone cool allowing fast charge rates even when the smartphone is in use.” So, we will definitely get to see the same in Warp Charge 30T with even better-charging features.

Lau also revealed that the Warp Charge 30t will have 6A at 5V to attain 30W.

Warp Charge 30T | OnePlus 7T series

Wireless Charging on OnePlus 7T series?

While OnePlus is producing a smartphone with newer technology to charge the phone, you should not expect wireless charging to be a part of the OnePlus 7T series.

Lau explains, “Wireless charging currently does not offers the fastest charging experience that we are comfortable with adding to our devices.”


With of lots of options in fast charging technology in the market, OnePlus has brought all-new Warp Charge 30T in its new smartphone that consumes lesser voltage and is able to deliver fast charge without overheating and enabling users to use their phone while gaming charging the phone at the same time.

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