How To Know If Someone Deleted Your Number On Your iPhone?

Are you curious about the answer to how to know if someone deleted your number on your iPhone?

The answer may sting, but if you feel ignored for an extended period and the people you are texting aren’t responding, they have most likely deleted your number.

If you’ve stopped receiving calls and texts from someone and they don’t respond to your messages, think about them deleting your number.

People often delete the number if they dont want to interact with others.

There’s a slight hint and some procedures mentioned in this article about knowing if someone deleted your number in an iPhone.

To Know If Someone Deleted Your Number On Your iPhone,
1. Check the rings before you get redirected to voicemail.
2. Send messages on other platform.
3. Call them while hiding your phone number.
4. Use another number to call.
5. View their activity on social media platform. 

The Signs To Know That Someone Deleted Your Number On Your iPhone

There isn’t a way to know for sure if someone deleted your phone number.

But there are a few indicators. The foremost thing you should do is contact them.

If your call goes to voicemail, they have most likely deleted your number.

If you get a response, you’re not on their contact list, and they need to know who you are.

Not Receiving Calls Or Texts On Your iPhone

If you used to message someone frequently but have stopped messaging you, this is another indication that they have deleted your number from their iPhone.

After deleting someone’s phone number, you must manually enter it to message them.

If someone deletes your phone number, they no longer want to talk to you.

However, if they want to, they will only continue to message you after they delete your phone number.

Even if they did, they’d have to remember and type in your phone number.

However, a lack of messaging is not surprising if you had not talked much before they deleted your number.

Your Calls Go Straight To Voicemail

You can also find out if your number has been deleted when you call someone.

For example, if your call goes to voicemail, that contact may have deleted your number.

The contact is also deleted when a phone number is deleted from an iPhone.

When you call them, only your number appears but not your saved name.

They will only know who is calling if they have memorized your number.

They Say, Who Is This When You iMessage Them

If you believe they have deleted your number, you can text them to see if they have.

Unfortunately, deleting a number from an iPhone means losing their contact information.

They may respond with something like, “Who is this?”.

If they respond similarly, they have deleted your phone number.

How To Know If Someone Deleted Your Number On Your iPhone?

Before we get too far into these steps, there’s a good chance that something will take up most of their time.

They could have been in an emergency or on vacation and could not respond to your messages and calls.

Please send a text message to ensure they’re not in the middle of something.

If they don’t respond, we can move on to these other tests so you can confirm and not be concerned about why they are not taking your calls.

Step 1: To Check How Many Rings Before You Get Redirected To Voicemail

A subtle indicator of whether your phone number has been removed or not can be by counting the number of rings.

They could be busy, on another call, or have turned off their phone.

The steps to count the rings before you get moved to voicemail:

  1. Call the person and count the rings before you get to voicemail.
  2. Wait for about 30 minutes.
  3. Try to call again.
  4. They ignored your calls if you hear multiple rings.
  5. If you hear only one ring, your number is deleted or blocked.

This is not a convincing test, but if they turned on the call-blocking feature on their iPhones, they would have deleted your number.

Step 2: To Send Message On Other Platforms

Because of its security and privacy features, most iPhone users also use WhatsApp and Telegram as their default messaging platforms.

You can send a message if your contact is also on WhatsApp.

The most significant distinction between WhatsApp and your default messenger is its much more robust delivery receipts.

The steps to know if someone deleted your number via WhatsApp:

  1. Send them a message on WhatsApp.
  2. View the status of your message.
  3. If you can see it with two checks, your number is on their contact list and not deleted.
  4. If you can see it with only one check for a long time, they deleted you.

There might be other scenarios where it only shows a single check. However, it will not be the same for more than a few days.

Step 3: To Make A Call While Hiding Your Phone Number

They will likely still remember if they purposely ignored your calls and deleted your number.

They can transfer you quickly to voicemail after recognizing it.

You can get through this by hiding your number when you call to appear private. This way, there’s still a chance that they will answer it.

Steps to hide your number when you call:

  1. Go to settings and select phone.
  2. Tap “Show my caller ID.”
  3. Toggle the switch to “ON” to hide your number.

Step 4: To Use Another Number To Call

Everyone might be uncomfortable answering phone calls from a private caller.

If you find this correct, you will have to use a different number.

If they cannot recognize the number, there’s a good chance they will pick up the call.

Unfortunately, you will have to replace the phone’s SIM card to call them with a different number.

The steps to replace your SIM card is as below:

  1. It would be best to locate the SIM card tray on your phone.
  2. A SIM-eject tool or paper clip will help to open the tray after inserting it.
  3. Remove your old SIM card.
  4. Replace the new SIM card.
  5. Insert the tray back.

You can now call using this new number.

Step 5: To View Their Activity On Social Media Platforms

There might be cases of people’s accounts getting suspended or phones being repaired. In these cases, you might experience similar signs.

But if they’re active on their social media accounts, you might know they knowingly ignore you and might have deleted your number.

Here’s how to check on them using other platforms:

  1. Send a message on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, or WhatsApp.
  2. Please email them to check.
  3. Look after their social media activity to see if it has changed.
  4. They probably deleted your number if you’re waiting for a response.

You will have to think about not wasting more time on this person or that contact.

It would be wise to delete their number and not talk to them anymore.

What Will Happen When You Delete Someone’s Number On Your iPhone?

When you delete someone’s phone number, you only delete their contact information.

So when the person tries to contact you after you’ve deleted their number, their number will appear on your screen rather than the names you saved for their contact.

Follow these steps to delete someone’s phone number from your iPhone:

  1. Open contacts from your iPhone.
  2. After that, find the contact number you want to delete.
  3. In the top right corner, tap on edit.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and tap on delete contact.

Because you can only delete one contact at a time, you will have to repeat these steps whenever you want to delete someone’s phone number.

Since the number has been removed, their phone number will be your only point of contact whenever they call or text you.

You will only know who’s texting you if you remember their phone number. Deleting their number doesn’t prevent them from calling or texting you.

Nothing else will happen if you delete someone’s phone number.

You can always add their phone number back in the future if you want.

All of your previous messages will still be available.

You can still contact them by phone or text by manually entering their phone number instead of reaching their contact.

You must block their phone number if you no longer want them to call or text you. Blocking is a step beyond simply deleting someone’s phone number.

What Will I See On Messages If Someone Has Deleted My Number On iPhone?

If someone deletes your phone number from an iPhone,

  1. Your texts will still appear normal. Because you have their phone number saved, you will continue to see their contact information at the top of your messages.
  2. All of your past texts will also be accessible.
  3. The only difference is that they no longer have your phone number saved, so your text messages to them will come from your phone, not your contact. You can still text them without any problems.
  4. You will deliver all of your messages. If you notice that the texts you send to them do not deliver or go through, they may have deleted your number.
  5. You can still text someone even if they delete your number.
  6. It could be due to various factors if your messages need to be delivered. One reason is that they are in a region with no reception.
  7. For iMessage to work, there must be an internet or cellular data connection for the texts to be sent. They could be in an area where these are unavailable, which is why your messages are not sending.
  8. Another probability is that they disabled your phone number. In this case, your iMessage will only mark as delivered once they unblock you.So, if your message is not delivered, the person may have deleted your phone number, but something else must have occurred.

Nothing should happen when you text someone who has deleted your iPhone number.

They won’t be able to see your contact further, which is the end.

Why Would A Guy Or Girl Delete Your Number?

There are a few reasons why they would delete your number.

  1. First, maybe they’re not interested in you anymore and don’t want to talk to you.
  2. Perhaps they’re overworked and need more time.
  3. Finally, they’re just not into you and don’t want to be around you. Whatever the reason, it’s always a better idea to be aware of why someone might delete your number so that you can take appropriate action if things don’t go as planned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have addressed some of the most asked questions about “How to know if someone deleted your number on your iPhone” below. If you have additional issues with messaging apps and phone numbers.

So please look at it.

Can Someone Still See My WhatsApp Status Even Though I Deleted Their Phone Number?

Yes, someone else can view your WhatsApp status even if you delete their phone number.

What Will Happen if I Delete Someone’s Number?

When you delete someone’s phone number, they will be removed from your contact list and any messages you have sent or received.

How Can I Tell If Someone Is Checking In On Me On WhatsApp?

The check-in feature on WhatsApp is one way for people to check on the status of others.

When someone checks in with you, they let you know they are still alive and well.

However, if no one checks in with you, this could mean one of several things.

How Do I Get To Know If Someone Has Blocked My Number From Texting?

If you have a phone that supports SMS text messaging and try to send a message that fails, someone may have blocked your number from texting.

Is A Deleted Number Still Blocked?

Yes, even if you delete a number, it remains blocked.

Blocked numbers can’t remove from your account unless you do so.

Can I See If Someone Opens My WhatsApp Chat?

No, WhatsApp doesn’t allow third parties to access the chats.


There currently needs to be a definitive method for determining whether or not someone deleted your number on your iPhone.

However, if you see any of these signs, follow the steps, and are still ignored, they will most likely block or delete your number.

This article has taught you to know if someone deleted your number on your iPhone.

This article helped resolve your problem. Please see our other articles on our website for more information on similar topics to share on social media.

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