How To Make A Playlist On YouTube?

YouTube consists of videos that are creative, motivational, educational, funny, and so forth. People, as they wish, can sort such videos they like and create a playlist. Why do people make a playlist on Youtube? What benefits does it give a user who created it? Thinking about creating a playlist? You are at the right piece of the article where you get answers to all your queries. So, let’s begin with today’s topic.

To create a playlist with all the videos you like,
As a viewer, you can arrange the YouTube videos of others in a playlist through the following steps,
1. Open the YouTube app
2. Select the video
3. Go to the “Save” button
4. Choose a playlist.
As a creator, you can sort your self-created videos in a playlist through YouTube Studio by,
1. Sign in to YouTube Studio
2. Select the “Playlist” option
3. Select the “New Playlist” button
4. Click on the “Create” button.

People can create, upload, view, and sort videos as per their wish on YouTube. One can add videos to the playlist or allow others to add to it. The playlist allows a user to maintain and arrange any videos according to genre, type, and other related categories. It informs the viewers about the type of channel they have chosen to view while also helping the creator organize their content in the appropriate order.

What Is A YouTube Playlist?

Simply say, the playlist is a like a container containing numerous videos added by a user. It is a feature of YouTube having its entity meaning, and it has a peculiar and mostly contains similar types and genres of videos.

Playlists make it easier for viewers to find the videos they want to watch by saving and sorting videos with a few quick clicks. You will want to create a playlist when all the videos you like are jagged up, making the videos difficult to find.

Can You Create A Playlist On YouTube?

Yes, you can create a playlist on YouTube. The playlist is one of many services YouTube unquestionably offers, including shorts, like/comment/share, and studio. You can create a personalized playlist of videos without a doubt. However, the playlist is a most beneficial feature yet is not recognized by many people.

Why Create A YouTube Playlist?

Suppose you only use YouTube as a viewer. In that case, you can grasp the playlist’s advantage by collecting your favorite pieces of music together for a party or by gathering videos of your favorite creator and similarly creating other collections.

A YouTube playlist is a fun way to keep your viewers engaged if you are a creator. Creating a playlist of your interrelated content increases the experiences of the viewer since they do not have to search for the videos manually. This process will help you gain more subscribers and increase watch time.

For marketers, you can create FAQs of your products and provide a short glimpse of them, then compile these videos into a single playlist. By doing this, you can attract more new customers.

How To Make A Playlist On YouTube?

Here, This article will give you all the necessary guidelines which can lead you to create a personalized playlist without any complexities. With a playlist, you can easily organize videos you like or arrange your self-created videos in a well-organized manner. The simple steps to create a playlist on YouTube are as follows:

  • Create A Playlist As A Viewer Using YouTube
  • Create A Playlist As A Creator Using YouTube Studio

Method 1: Make A Playlist As A Viewer Using YouTube

If you are trying to create a playlist as a viewer, perform the below-mentioned steps:

Step1: Open The YouTube App

First, search the YouTube app in your system and then open the app.

Step2: Select The Video

After opening the app, click on the video you want to place in a playlist.

Step3: Go To The “Save” Button

When you are sure about adding a particular video to a playlist, click on the “Save” option located below the video.

Step 4: Choose A Playlist

Choose a playlist, i.e., Watch later, any already created playlist, or you can also create a new playlist on the spot. To create a new playlist, select the “Create New Playlist” option, provide a name to the playlist, and click on the “Create” option below.

Method 2: Make A Playlist As A Creator Using YouTube Studio

If you are a creator and are trying to create a playlist as a creator, you may want to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign In To YouTube Studio

First, create an account on YouTube studio, or if created earlier, log in to it.

Step 2: Select The “Playlist” Option

After signing in to your account, click on the “Playlist” section on the left-hand side of the interface.

Step 3: Select The “New Playlist” Button

Then, click on the “New playlist” option to create a new playlist to place videos. Here, you will have to give the name to the playlist following the types of videos you want to place.

Step 4: Click On The “Create” Button

Now, select the “create” button, and finally, you have created your personalized playlist.

Things To Consider While Creating A YouTube Playlist

The YouTube playlist has certain characteristics, following which you can create a standardized playlist and optimize it for excellent results. Here are some carefully selected characters which you may want to look at while you create a YouTube playlist:

  • Create an appealing introduction video for your YouTube playlist
  • Consider the number of videos you add to your YouTube playlist
  • Carefully select the title and description
  • Choose keyword wisely
  • Design a comely thumbnail and arrange the videos in an order
  • Place your excellent content at the beginning

To be more clear about the things you need to consider while creating a YouTube playlist, go through the following piece of the article:

Create An Appealing Introduction Video For Your YouTube Playlist

The introduction video is the first thing a viewer goes through within a YouTube playlist. The viewer goes through your playlist only when the introduction video interests them.

Make sure you add all the details of your playlist, such as the main theme of the playlist, how you gathered the information, and what knowledge the user gets after watching your content.

Consider The Number Of Videos You Add To Your YouTube Playlist

Adding many videos to your YouTube playlist might fascinate you as a creator but can overwhelm the viewers. Instead, verify that the playlist contains only those videos that truly represent the knowledge you are willing to deliver. Put up to 7-8 videos maximum and try to conclude the playlist with as few videos as possible.

Carefully Select The Title And Description

The title has to depict the collective theme of the videos in the YouTube playlist, and the description should be short and to the point.

As a viewer, no one will love to read the unflattering bulky texts you chose to add to the description. If the title is not very promising, your playlist might not give you an excellent result.

Choose Keyword Wisely

The optimized selection of keywords used in the playlist can eventually help with YouTube SEO. The playlist is more likely to appear in YouTube and Google searches if you choose appropriate words to describe the playlist.

You might as well give interrelated names to the videos inside a playlist so that the next video appears on the suggestion when the viewer is viewing the previous one.

Design A Comely Thumbnail And Arrange The Videos In An Order

Thumbnail is a picture or a clip of a video that describes a topic in short. When you create a YouTube playlist, make sure the thumbnail of it is clear, comely, and impactful. At the suggestion, sometimes viewers can only see the thumbnails of the playlists. So, the thumbnail is a great way to clickbait a user.

Place Your Excellent Content At The Beginning

Suppose the YouTube playlist is sequential, meaning that all the videos have to be in a predefined order to portray your idea, such as a playlist depicting the life cycle of a butterfly. In that case, this point might not help you.

But if it’s something like a collection of songs you sing, you might want to add the excellent videos at the top of the playlist and others at the bottom so that viewers find your playlist worth watching.

How To Add A Video To My YouTube Playlist?

You are at the perfect segment if trying to add a video to a pre-existing YouTube playlist. Here, we will mention the steps that can lead you to add a video to your YouTube playlist within no time. So, let’s look at the steps together:

Step 1: Click On The Video

Initially, select the video you want to add to an existing playlist.

Step 2: Tap On The “Save To” Icon

Then tap on the “Save to” icon, which is present on the lower left side of the screen.

Step 3: Select The Playlist

Now, you will see the names of existing playlists. Select the appropriate one, or you can also create a new playlist by tapping on the “create new playlist” option.

You can add the same videos to multiple YouTube playlists if the video fulfills the criteria of the playlists.

How To Add Bulk Videos To Your YouTube Playlist?

Did you know you can add multiple videos in a single go? You might have missed some crazy stuff if you were unaware of it. Here are certain steps that can guide you to adding multiple videos to your YouTube playlist at once:

Step 1: Select The Playlist

In the beginning, select the playlist where you want to add videos in bulk.

Step 2: Click On The “Ellipsis” Button

Click on the “Ellipsis” button beneath the YouTube playlist’s thumbnail.

Step 3:Tap On The “Add Videos” Option

Select the “Add Videos” option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Search For The Videos and Select Them

Now, a new window pops up on your screen. In the search bar, add your keyword, or you can also add a URL and search for the videos. Next, select all the videos you want to add to the playlist.

Step 5:Click On The “Add videos” Button

Finally, click the “Add videos” button on the screen’s lower left side and successfully add numerous videos in bulk.

Is A YouTube Playlist Editable?

Without a doubt, you can edit the playlist and the content present on the playlist with ease. If this option were not available, the playlist would become more static, and users would feel difficulties if they added any unwanted videos unknowingly to the playlist because the user would have to delete the playlist wholly and create a new one from the beginning.

How To Edit A YouTube Playlist?

It is quite an easy job to edit a playlist on YouTube. You can add, remove or change the order of the videos on a particular playlist. The following steps might help you to edit the playlist easily:

Step1: Go To Library

In the beginning, go to the library option on your left-hand side of the home screen.

Step2: Find The “Playlist” Section

Then, scroll down the library interface and find the section with the name “Playlist.”

Step3: Select The Playlist

After that, click on the playlist that you will want to make changes to.

Step 4: Click On The Edit Section

Now, click on the pencil-like shape, which will allow you to edit the title and privacy settings of the selected playlist. You can add, modify or delete the videos here. You can also move the videos in any order you want.

How To Find A YouTube Playlist You’ve Created?

Once you have created a playlist, YouTube’s mechanism arranges all the playlists in a certain allocated space. You have three different options to view those playlists, which are:

  • Directly From The Home Page of YouTube
  • Directly From The “Library” section on YouTube
  • From Your YouTube Channel

Here is a brief description of how you can have access to your earlier created playlists:

Method 1: Directly From The Home Page Of YouTube

When you sign in to your YouTube account, on the left-hand side of your screen in the menu bar, a playlist you have recently used or created is present (above the “Liked Videos” option). You can choose the required playlist from there.

Method 2: Directly From The “Library” section on YouTube

You can access your recently created playlists from the “Library” section. The steps to finding a YouTube Playlist you have created are:

Step 1: Open YouTube App

First, open the YouTube app and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Click On The “Library” Section

After you have successfully signed in to your YouTube account, on the Home page, you will see a button named “Library.” Click on that button and proceed.

Step 3: Scroll And Find The YouTube Playlist

Now, you reached an interface where you see all the previously created Playlists. Simply scroll and find the playlist which you are looking for.

Method 3: From Your YouTube Channel

You can also manage your playlist and view them from your YouTube channel. The steps to find the YouTube playlists from your YouTube channel are as follows:

Step 1: Open The YouTube App

First, open the YouTube app on your device and go to the home page.

Step 2: Click On The Profile Icon

Now, you will see your avatar/profile icon at the top of the right side of the screen. Click on the same avatar icon and proceed to the next steps.

Step 3: Tap On The “Your Channel” Button

Then, tap on the button with the name “Your Channel” at the beginning of the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select “Library”

Finally, select the “Library” option at the menu bar at the top of the interface. You will see all the previously created playlists here.

How To Share Your YouTube Playlists?

Once you have created a YouTube playlist, you can add content yourself or allow any other person to do it for you. Likewise, you can wish to share your YouTube playlist with people close to you. You can do it following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Select The Playlist

In the beginning, find the playlist you want to share and tap on it.

Step 2: Tap On The Share Arrow Icon

Then, click on the share arrow icon at the bottom of the playlist.

Step 3: Choose A Social Media Platform From Where You Want To Share

Now, you will see all the possible social media platforms through which you can share your YouTube playlists. Select one of them, and now you have successfully shared your self-created YouTube playlist with your friends.

Before sharing any YouTube playlist, you should ensure that the playlist’s privacy setting is either unlisted or public. If the playlist is in the private setting, the playlist is neither visible to anyone except you nor shareable.

Why Make A YouTube Playlist?

The users of YouTube often disregard the feature of the playlist and underestimate the value it holds. It organizes the videos into a specific category, which is advantageous to viewers and creators alike. Additionally, it increases the likelihood that viewers will watch the video compared to when it gets posted without a playlist. If used properly, the playlist assists a user in the following ways:

  • Organizes The Video In An Order
  • Increases The Views On Video As A Whole
  • Allows Viewers To Realise The Type Of Channel Quickly
  • Minimize The Constant Interaction
  • Recommendations
  • Longer Watch Times
  • Improved Discoverability

To help you better comprehend these ideas, go through the contents presented below:

Organizes The Video In An Order

As in physical bookstores, you see books managed in a predefined order; YouTube playlists similarly manage the videos. The arrangement allows a user to access the videos and view them quickly.

Increases The Views On Video As A Whole

The playlist is a package of videos and therefore contains a large category of keywords. Therefore, if you place the videos in a playlist for the same reason, a specific video is likely to appear several times in the search engine’s outcome.

Allows Viewers To Realise The Type Of Channel Quickly

Since the playlists have their names and themes, a user, at a short glance, can determine the type of videos contained in the playlist and can eventually determine the type of channel by looking at the bunch of playlists available on such channel.

Minimize The Constant Interaction

The videos added to a playlist plays chronologically. As a result, users do not have to maintain the videos’ continuity continuously. Instead, the videos in a YouTube playlist maintain a flow and play continuously, one after another, in a roll.


Since the videos in Playlist are packed together as a single unit, it indirectly informs YouTube Analytics that these videos are related. Hence, the videos start appearing in “related videos” in the right-side bar of the videos. Doing this increases the views of other videos available in the same playlist.

Longer Watch Times

The playlist is more engaging and interactive, and also, since the videos on the YouTube playlist play in a flow, there is more chance for the user to keep watching several videos in a single sitting. Therefore, a playlist eventually improves the watch time.

Improved Discoverability

The playlist is more discoverable than a single video because they are visible in a separate place than a single video on both Google search and Youtube. Therefore, your content can appear in more places if you use a playlist as a medium.

Who Can View Your Playlist On YouTube?

The playlists have privacy setting features. For example, you can make your playlist available to the public, keep it private, or place it in an unlisted form (you can access it through a link only). In addition, users can add and edit their playlists themselves or allow any other person to do it. You can therefore keep personal videos in private settings and keep others public.

What Types Of Videos Can A YouTube Playlist Contain?

You can place any video on a playlist unless it violates the Community Guidelines. The videos which violate the Community Guidelines are removed automatically by YouTube. Still, you may want to stay away from such videos that may cause any problems in the future.

To be more organized and access your videos quickly, you may want to place videos in a playlist in order of genre, title, person, or other categories.

Adding similar types of videos on the same playlist can also cause the videos to pop up as “related videos” on other videos, which eventually indirectly increases the view on that video.

Can You Delete The YouTube Playlist?

You can make and change any playlist; thus, you can also erase it. Hence, The URL and title of a playlist are no longer viewable or searchable if you delete it; most of all, YouTube cannot recover the deleted playlist under any circumstances.

How To Delete The YouTube Playlist?

Since you cannot recover once deleted playlist, you must be careful while trying to remove any playlist. Deleting the YouTube playlist is easier than creating one. The steps to delete one of your YouTube Playlists are as follows:

Step 1: Go To Library

At the very beginning, go to the library option on your left-hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Find The “Playlist” Section

Then, scroll down the library interface and find the section with the name “Playlist.”

Step 3: Select The Playlist

After that, click on the playlist that you will want to delete.

Step 4: Select The Menu Button

When you select the menu button, you will receive a list of dropdowns with different options.

Step 5: Click On “Delete Playlist”

After you have performed all the steps mentioned above, you will see a button “Delete Playlist” at the end of the dropdown. Click on the button.

Step 6: Click on “Delete”

The last step is to confirm the deletion process. For this purpose, click the “Delete” button, and you will successfully delete the required playlist.

Before deleting any playlist that you have created, you must know that you cannot redeem the playlist in the future. So, if you want to delete any playlist, think twice or thrice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You’ve arrived at the article’s section with frequently asked questions and their answers. In addition, you may find some other queries you have on your mind here. The questions and answers of them are as follows:

How Does A YouTube PlayList Generate Views?

If a user views the video on its own, even though it is available on the playlist, the individual video gets the view. But if the user views the video through a playlist, such a playlist generates a view rather than the video itself. So, there are separate calculations for individual views on video and playlist views.

How Many Playlists Can You Create On YouTube?

How many playlists do you want to create? YouTube allows you to create as many playlists as you want. It supports the creation of an unlimited number of playlists. In addition, the user can add 5000 videos to a single playlist. Isn’t that cool?

Can You Create A YouTube Playlist For Free?

Yes, YouTube allows users to create any number of playlists for free. Hence, it does not charge a single penny to a user for creating, modifying, or deleting a playlist as a whole or videos within the playlist.


The playlist is an underrated yet most powerful feature provided by YouTube to its users. If used properly, this feature allows a user to sort and arrange the related videos as a single unit, which later assists them in quickly accessing the videos. Creating a playlist is easy, and we hope you can now create your personalized playlist.

The playlist is a collection of videos a user creates for himself according to his interest and the appropriate category or order. So we hope you get a clear answer to all your queries related to Playlists on Youtube now.

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