15 Questions will Tell You How Well Do You Know Your Body? Only 50% can answer these questions.
2K views · Aug 8, 2022
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How Well Do You Know Your Body? ? Here are 15 Questions that will tell you how well you know your body. Try to answer these questions as quickly as possible. Best of Luck. ?
If you could not answer these questions, do not worry. More than 50% of people we asked could not answer all of these questions. ?
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00:17 1. Which part of the human body has no blood supply?
00:50 2. Humans are Bioluminescent. 
01:18 3. How long is your small intestine?
01:44 4. Which one is true?
02:19 5. Which one will make you fatter?
02:51 6. How much saliva does an average person produce in their lifetime?
03:17 7.  How many megapixels is the human eye?
03:41 8. What is best for your heart health?
04:06 9. What food should you eat on an empty stomach?
04:36 10. How much will kill you?
05:07 11. Would you rather?
05:42 12. You're in an elevator, and suddenly it gets out of order. You start to go claustrophobic, what would you do?
06:17 13. Your blood sugar suddenly goes high. What do you do?
06:52 14. You're feeling really hot. What do you do?
07:27 15. What is good for your immune system?
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